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“You’re so lucky, I wish  I could do a ski season“.

If I was bought a demi for everytime someone told me that then I’d never make it out onto the slopes. So do one then! Why not? It really does take all sorts. It’s not just for those who haven’t yet found “a proper job”. Christ, this is my proper job. So kiss your Oyster card goodbye, sweaty tube commutes with your face pressed into someone’s ripe armpit and join the merry band of seasonnaires for a winter of mountain time and merriment. You never know, you might like it?

Still not convinced? Here’s just a selection of reason’s you can’t afford not to do a ski season.

10 Best Things About Doing a Ski Season

1. Your time off is spent on the slopes rather than in the gym.

Powder day
2. Every day is a Friday!
Norman Jay
3. Which commute would you prefer?

Ski season commute

4. You can wear a bobble hat to work.

ski season work

5. A stick on tache and green wig are more useful fashion accessories than a suit and tie.

Ski Seasons

6. You’ll meet some of the most interesting, fun and like-minded people that will ever cross your path.


7. Trade in soggy jeans in a British winter for a google tan in the mountains.


8. City smog or mountain air? We know what we’d rather.


9. Your cake baking skills, and your ability to ski backwards are more important than what you studied at university.

winter season cakes

10. And in the words of Patrick Swayze, you’ll have the time of your life!

ski season life

We’re sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg and would love to know what keeps seasonnaires coming back year after year in the comments section below. Tempted yet? If you’ve ever fancied doing a season, or if you’re heading back out for round 2 this year, pack up your bags and get ready for the time of your life.