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It’s nearly time to crack open your advent calendar, mulled wine is back on the menu and you are on tenterhooks waiting to hear that first Christmas song in the supermarket – yes my friends the festive season is nearly upon us. And with it the task of Christmas shopping – but what to buy your snow obsessed friend? Below are some failsafe christmas gifts for any skier or snowboarder.

Christmas Gifts


All the bobble hats, they can never have enough. Every mountain lover needs a good selection of bobble hats, especially if they are doing a season as they are likely to lose at least 7 of them over the 5 months.

Bobble Hats christmas gifts

Portable phone charger

We all know how cold weather can wreak havoc with batteries and it is both inconvenient and a little dangerous to be caught out on the mountain with no phone charge. Great pocket sized ,portable power banks are now readily available and make a great gift.

portable phone charger

Anything that is made from Merino

Yep, anything at all that is crafted from the wool of this fine sheep is a welcome gift. Thermal tops, thermal bottoms, hoodies, gloves, hats, neck warmers socks…the list goes on. This amazing fabric is warm, wicking, never smells and super quick to dry, a mountain man (or woman’s) dream!

Merino Sheep

Glove Liners

An added extra many skiers might not buy themselves glove liners can make all the difference on a cold day even if your friend has a mega pair of mitts. And of course if you can find them in Marino wool all the better.

north face glove liners


ski socks are like gold dust and being blessed with multiple pairs means less frantic hand washing in the bathroom sink. But it is difficult for the snowports fiend to buy themselves more than 2 pairs – you see we are saving our pennies for that lift pass.

ski socks

Boot Dryers

the ultimate luxury item for any skier or boarder boot driers allow you to start everyday on the hill with cosy, dry feet. We cannot promise you will end everyday the same way but start as you mean to go on.

ski boot dryer


Scrap the floral bath bombs and swap the scented shower cream for scented ski and board wax by Butta. This is not only a practical prezzie but makes servicing your skis or board a treat for the senses.

Butta Ski Wax


a buff or neck warmer can be a practical or fun present. There are now so many designs, fabrics and funky twists to this classic kit you can have fun picking the perfect one for your pal.

ski buff neck gaiter

Colourful Sunnies

the rules of winter fashion state that only a small number of plain, neutral and non-colourful items may be warn at any one time. So a colourful pair of sunnies will never go amiss.

christmas gift sunnies

Ski Tools

Ski and snowboard tools like the Leatherman Hail Multi Tool are a great practical present. Carrying one of these bad boys with you means you will never be caught short if you need to make some last minute adjustments to your bindings.

leatherman handy tool

All of these would definitely make my list for Santa – but what is on yours? If we have missed out any must have gadgets we would love to know in the comments section – so we can get them on our own Christmas gifts lists pronto.

Happy Shopping!