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Ski resorts are set in some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable but many of us only see a very small, and often crowded, part of them. Perhaps you have been heading to the same resort for years and fancy trying something new, or maybe you just fancy a break from those ski boots for an afternoon – either way here are some great new activities to try in your resort. 


Walking in a winter wonderland…


This traditional mountain pastime is, if you ask me, an often-undervalued diamond of an activity. Incredibly easy to pick up, snowshoeing is a brilliant way to get off the beaten track and explore some of the stunning countryside hidden around your ski resort. Marked paths can be found aplenty in most resorts which means you can head out alone or hire a guide so show you some of the more magical locations. Ask in the local tourist office for details of marked walking routes or snowshoe guides in the area.

cross country ski

Vicki from the office showing us how it’s done.

Ski de fond

A slightly more athletic option to get you off busy pistes is cross-country skiing or ski de fond. Pisted tracks, grading from green to black in difficulty, can be found in most European resorts. These are often quiet routes that take you through forest paths away from the crowds. While you may be so distracted by the beauty of your surrounding that you do not feel the burn in your legs cross-country skiing is also a great way to exercise. It is a little trickier to pick up than snowshoeing if you have not tried it before, however, so we recommend booking a lesson – and taking a camera to capture any particularly amusing tumbles.

luge sledging

A luge with a view…


Luging (or sledging) is a really fun way to spend an afternoon out of ski boots or even to try out after a day on the slopes. Many resorts have special luge runs which are brilliant fun – and often quite exciting. Don’t be fooled this is not just a family fun activity we know just as many adults who love this as children (maybe even more!)

bubble lift

Heading to the top of the world!

Walkers Pass Up The Mountain

Stunning mountain views are not just for snow sports enthusiasts to enjoy if you do not ski or snowboard you can still head up the mountain in a bubble lift to enjoy the amazing vistas. Just buy a walkers pass which allows you onto certain bubble lifts to the mountaintop. These will usually end at a mountain restaurant so that you can enjoy the view and a delicious feast before taking the lift back down. Just ask at your resort’s lift pass office which lifts are available for walkers passes and then head on up!

Have a spa day

Whether you are into snow sports or not you can take advantage of the many spas that fill resorts to soothe the aches and pains of skiers and boarders. Many larger resorts have spa and pool facilities for public use and even in smaller resorts, there are usually a number of hotels that open up their private spas to the public through the day. There is nothing better than indulging in relaxing spa session as a break from the cold and endless reasons to justify it on a ski holiday!

So if you fancy trying something new or are not a keen skier then fear not – a mountain resort could still be your winter wonderland. Plus we are always here with ski and snowboard lessons to help find your inner snowsports enthusiast!

These are our top tips for new things to try in resort – but what do you love to do when you hang up your ski boots for a day? Let us know if the comments below.