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If you’re just starting out skiing or snowboarding, then lessons are an absolute must. If you’re reading this, it sounds like you’re unsure, so here are our 5 smart reasons to book beginner ski lessons.

Thinking about booking beginner ski lessons?

We believe beginner ski lessons are essential in helping you enjoy the mountain environment. Let’s be honest, conditions can be tough sometimes and the mountains can be dangerous for someone who isn’t confident and doesn’t know their way around.

After all, you are on holiday, so you need to give yourself the best chance to have a good time. There are several questions you’re probably asking yourself, as a beginner skier…

  • Do I need a ski instructor?
  • Do I need ski lessons?
  • Are ski lessons worth it?
  • Can I learn to ski on my own?
  • How dangerous is skiing for beginners?

We’re here to bust those myths, answer your questions and put your mind at rest on your first ski holiday. Here are 5 smart reasons to book beginner ski lessons…

Book beginner ski lessons

1. You won’t be a burden on your friends and family

With the expense of a ski holiday, the actual skiing part can often get forgotten about. With so much excitement about where you’re going to stay, which resort you’re going to, is there a hot tub? Are you close to town?

Before you know it you’re all kitted up, and about to clip into your skis on the mountain. Ut oh. How do I do this again?

It’s quite common for one of your friends or family to offer you a lesson. In our opinion, that’s not always the smartest move. They will try to rush your learning so you can ski with the rest of the group sooner, meaning you’ll miss out on the fundamental skills needed for skiing.

Book beginner ski lessons

2. You’ll learn how to stay safe

The mountains can be loads of fun, but you can also get yourself into trouble, if you’re not aware of your new surroundings. Pistes are graded by difficulty so you need to know which colour to stick to so you don’t end up on a steep bumpy slope.

In ski lessons you’ll learn how to safely control yourself, how to use the different types of lifts and all about the general codes of conduct on the mountain. Or ski etiquette as some like to call it!

We’ve put together a Youtube series of 9 skills you’ll learn as a beginner skier. Take a look at what you could expect from your first time on skis.


3. Get to know your equipment

… so no embarrassing moments when you don’t know how to get your ski off when you rock up to lunch! No but seriously, we see this a lot! In ski lessons, you’ll learn all about your equipment. And how to make sure you’ve got the right boots and that they fit so you’re the most comfortable you can be. How the skis work and why you even need ski poles!

Want to gain a better understanding of what to expect from adult group ski lessons?

Book beginner ski lessons

4. It will be cheaper in the long run.

Although initially you think you’re saving money by not choosing lessons. Is it really cheaper if you injure yourself because you don’t know how to stop?

Taking ski lessons will cost you some money to start with, but after a course of lessons you will feel so much more confident on the mountain. You’ll know how to control your speed and turn to keep yourself and others safe on the mountain. Can you put a price on your own safety and that of others?

Book beginner ski lessons

5. It’s loads of fun and very sociable

Learning a new skill, later on in life can be daunting. Becoming a beginner again is a nerve-racking experience. But group lessons will put your mind at ease straight away. Learning in a group dynamic with people of a similar level to you, will help you relax.

When everyone learns at the same pace, you know you’re not alone in your developments and that skiing and snowboarding can be loads of fun. You’ve got to be able to have a laugh when you’re learning a new skill.

The group environment will help you develop and gives you just the right amount of individual feedback  whilst still allowing you to practice and develop your skills.

Book beginner ski lessons

Being safe on the mountain and learning fundamental skills to help you make the most of your time on the mountain, are key to a successful ski holiday. We recommend taking group lessons so you can learn with people of a similar ability, in a social fun setting.

If you’re interested in finding out more ways to prepare for your first ski trip. Then we’ve got a whole load of useful videos on our Youtube channel and ski articles designed especially for beginners. Once you’re clued up, it’s time to hit the slopes.