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5 Reasons to Go Skiing for a Long Weekend

Have a skier in your life that you’re not sure what to buy for Christmas? Or perhaps you’re really excited for your upcoming ski trip and want a gift that fits the excitement. With Christmas coming quickly and lots of festive fun, don’t waste your time searching for the perfect skier gift. We’ve done it for you. In the list you’ll find the top eight gifts for a skier or snowboarder to help you get the right gift this year.

The Eight Best Gifts for a Skier or Snowboarder

1. Clothing & Equipment 

The Patagonia Men’s retro jacket is a statement piece of clothing that will last for years to come. As well as being practical, it’s also trendy so you’ll fit right in when sliding in to lunch in Val Thorens. We also love the message Patagonia share, and what they do to help protect our planet. To find out more, visit their website.

Smith kids pink goggles will make your kids stand out this winter. Smith products have two year warranty, are child friendly & protect their eyes. Your kids will thank you later!

Trix ski ski carrier is a nifty little gadget to help you carry your skis. We understand that if you’re new to the sport, carrying all the equipment can be rather difficult. By using the Trizski ski carrier you can have a free hand for helping your kids with their kit.

8 gifts for a skier

2. ‘Free Skiing – How to Adapt to the Mountain’ Book

By Jimmy Oden. £27.99

Aka the essential bible for big mountain skiers. This is the book which UIAGM mountain guide Jimmy Oden wished he’d had but never found during his formative ski bum years. The content is divided into topical chapters, all including explanatory illustrations and photos: mountain sense, mountain weather, snow & avalanche knowledge, avalanche hazard evaluation, skiing, companion avalanche rescue, first aid & rescue, navigation, ski-related mountaineering skills, glacier skiing, steep skiing, and ski touring.

Best skiing book

3. Personal Training Session 

Want to help your friends or relatives get ski fit before their holiday? By booking a personal training session with Peak Condition they can get ski fit and develop some strength before hitting the slopes. It may seem like a strange gift, and don’t let them be offended by you joining them too! Here is a little taster of what you are getting yourself in for…

Contact Mark at


4. Dinoski Kids Ski Suit 

If you want to give a totally roar-some new ski outfit to a little one, then this is the ski suit for them. The suit itself is made from recycled plastic bottles and has anti-stain coating so it’s 100% child-friendly.  The Dinoski suits are also practical with over 10k waterproofing, chunky zip toggles for kids to easily use, microfiber insulation for warmth and helmet friendly hoods. It’s cute and practical – what more could you want?


5. Powder Magazine Subscription

Established in 1972 as “The Skier’s Magazine,” Powder Magazine is dedicated to honest, informative, and entertaining storytelling for a community of loyal and passionate readers dedicated to a life lived among mountains. If they want to stay up to date with the latest gear, have insider knowledge, learn about different ski areas and find out how to improve their technique then this will be a fantastic present. Don’t miss a single issue, give the gift of a subscription now. Present = sorted!

6. Val d’Isère Lego

Val D’Isère has partnered with Lego to create a 340 brick lego set, which is a replica of new La Daille gondola. Check out the video below showing you what the lego set looks like.

This construction set includes:

  • A gondola (departure & arrival station + 1 cabin)
  • A slope and a slope sign
  • A piste map and a ski rack
  • Fir trees and three figurines

You can buy this lego set for €74, on, at La Daille and Solaise ticket offices and in Le Lounge (Solaise gondola arrival). Don’t miss out!


7. Stocking Fillers

If you’re looking for some little presents to add to a stocking, then look no further, we have the best gifts for a skier or snowboarder.

Clothing: Trucker hat, beanie hat, ski socks

Tools: snowboard multitool, collapsible water bottle, Dakine micro lock (to keep your ski equipment safe)

8 gifts for a skier

8. A Guided Day on the Slopes

This is such a great gift with endless opportunities. Gone are the days of giving material things. We think experiences are way better, which is why this is one of our eight best gifts for a skier or snowboarder. With our off-piste lessons or private lessons, you can get that one-to-one treatment. You will advance quicker, learn more about the local area and improve your technique that little bit faster. We can also do ski touring lessons, split-boarding lessons, telemark lessons and more! Just inquire on our website and we can advise you as to which product will suit you best.  

The 8 Best Gifts for a Skier or Snowboarder