Our Story

Our Story

1998 was an eventful year. Cher spent 7 weeks at number 1. Larry and Sergey set up a little search engine called Google. And somewhere in a French mountain hut four British ski instructors decided to put their own stamp on British ski coaching.

Previously, ski instruction had been ‘one size fits all’. Drills. Skills. Shouting. So we decided to do something different.

An approach that was more friendly, open, encouraging and positive. With small groups. Fully qualified instructors. A passion for teaching. Here at New Generation Ski & Snowboard School we like to think we started a ski instructor revolution.

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The Next Generation of Instructors

As well as our ski school clients, we found that this approach helped people become Ski Instructors. In 2001, we were made an Official Business Partner of BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors).

Take a look at our Ski Instructor Courses if you’re interested in becoming an instructor. We now run a number of courses, including ski gap courses, across the French and Swiss Alps.

Coming to a resort near you…

Tom, Warren, Ali and Rich first set up New Generation in Courchevel 1650. Over the years we’ve grown to 17 ski resorts across the French, Swiss & Austrian Alps. From Serre Chevalier to St Martin. Meribel to Morzine, Verbier to Villars. We like our daily commute in a gondola and our offices without walls. Along the way, Rich and Warren have embarked on other (non skiing) adventures, and we lost our very dear friend Ali to cancer. Every year we Ride for Ali across the mountains he loved.

And when we’re not riding or skiing, we’re always on the lookout for new resorts. Here at New Generation Ski & Snowboard school we have a certain list of must haves… Great skiing, lovely holiday makers and excellent hot chocolate!

British Heart. Italian Smile. French Sense of Humour…

New Generation was born to help British families have fun and learn on their ski holidays. Over the years, Head Coach Euan Wright has built up a team of awesome instructors from all over the world. We love working with our home grown British instructors, but are very proud that some of the best Italian, French, and Swiss instructors want to work with us too.

All our ski & snowboard lessons are in English (unless you’d prefer a different language!) and our company is still run by one of our original founders, Tom Saxlund. He’s half Norwegian (which is why he likes Glögg).