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The Best Off-piste in Meribel

The 5 Best off-piste runs in the Meribel Valley

If you’re looking for the best off-piste skiing or snowboarding in Meribel, look no further than these five runs. With everything from steep and challenging runs to more moderate and mellow options, there’s something here for every off-piste skier or boarder. With a combination of lift-accessible terrain and a few short hikes, you can get right into the action.

1 – Petite Rosiére – Rive Droite

  • 1 NG Star – A descent on fairly gentle, obstacle-free slopes.

An incredible 1000m Vertical descent in the Rive Droite Section of Meribel. Petite Rosiere is incredibly easy to access. A long descent that flows nicely the whole way down, with several fun little jumps and features.

If you are lucky enough to ski this run in deep powder conditions it will quickly become an absolute favourite.

The runs face southwest so is best to ski first thing in the morning unless you are experiencing Spring Snow. If so give the sun a little time to warm and soften the snow.

At the start of the Mauduit Red Run take a quick pause, as you look along the run on the left-hand side you will see a small mini peak. The run starts at the top of this peak.

From here you want to follow the South West Aspect that overlooks the mid-station of the Pas du Lac Gondola. Don’t ski directly toward the cable car, instead, aim to keep it comfortably on your left-hand side.

You will cross the Chardonerret run twice, once as a blue run, you should cross them quite close to the point that they meet. On your right, you will see a wide gulley that runs in a straight line to the valley floor about halfway between Mottaret and Meribel Centre. Finishing at a village called Petite Rosiére.

When you have finished skiing you should be right next to a bus stop that can take you back to town.

skiing off-piste

2 – Pente des Plattiéres, Le Carin

  • Orientation – North and North East
  • Vertical Drop 600m
  • Access – 15 Minute Hike from the start of the Mouflon Red Piste.
  • NG Level – 2 NG Stars – Descent with occasional steep slopes (max 40 degrees) that require accurate navigation skills to ensure you avoid obstacles and find your way through forests, couloirs and rock bands.

Starting with a steep section on the north face of the bowl this run does immediately get the heart racing and you need to be aware of the avalanche danger as the shape of the terrain can make even small slides quite a big problem.

More advanced skiers will be able to let their skis run a little only needing to scrub some speed as they exit the bowl and the run narrows. The further you go towards the northeast facing part of the bowl the gentler the descent is, so there are options for less experienced skiers.

Those seeking more adventure can exit the first bowl on the far skier’s left where small cliffs and rock bands offer an opportunity to test your skills in the air.

As you exit the first bowl you can pick up the speed and make the most of the rollers littered throughout the run. You finish the run by aiming for the bottom of the Mouflons red run.

This run is in full view of several ski lifts so expect an audience.

3 – Marioland

  • Orientation – North
  • Vertical Drop – 500m
  • Access – 15 -20 Minute climb from the bottom of the Bouquetin Chairlift. With you back to the base station of the lift follow the ridge in front of you keeping the snowpark off to your left-hand side. Continue right around to the north-facing aspect. Do not ski the east-facing aspect, while it is possible falling is absolutely not an option as there are huge cliffs and rocks.
  • 2 NG Stars – Descent with occasional steep slopes (max 40 degrees) that require accurate navigation skills to ensure you avoid obstacles and find your way through forests, couloirs and rock bands.

This incredible off-piste run is insanely fun from the word go. The entire face is covered in large rocks that with good snow cover are a real playground for advanced skiers. offering unlimited drops jumps and features to play around on.

If you have played Mario and seen him bounce off mushrooms you are more or less doing the same thing.

Less experienced skiers can pick out the smaller jumps and start getting comfortable in the air or just use the rocks as a slalom course to really help their skiing.

Be aware of this run at the start and end of the season, as the rocks that make it so much fun, can also make it incredibly dangerous.

At the end of this run, you will find the Sizerin Trail. This also marks the boundary of the nature reserve and it is essential that you stop skiing here and head back to the piste. If you continue the run you risk losing your lift pass.

4 – Roc de Tougne

  • Orientation – North East
  • Vertical Drop – 900m
  • Access – 45 Minute climb to the summit of Roc de Tougnes from the top of the Roc de Tougne chairlift. You can follow either ridgeline up but be aware of cornices. It is impossible to miss the Roc de Tougnes. It is an astonishing black peak pointing to the sky. When you reach the summit you want to continue towards the north where you will find a very small col that marks the start of the run.
  • 2 NG Stars – Descent with occasional steep slopes (max 40 degrees) that require accurate navigation skills to ensure you avoid obstacles and find your way through forests, couloirs and rock bands.

This brilliant run is the perfect place for those finding their feet in the world of off-piste skiing. You get a brilliant sense of adventure as hike up the run, and it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere.

The run opens with a short section at around 30 degrees, but then quickly mellows to 20 degrees. You can let your skis run and make some faster turns. In deep powder, this is the perfect opportunity to get some face shots.

Advanced skiers can head further to skiers’ left or right where they will find steeper more varied terrain.

The second half of the run gives you lots of flexibility and is one of the most beautiful areas in the ski resort. As long as you can get back to the ski lift have a play and enjoy yourself.

5 – L’Olympic

  • Orientation – East
  • Vertical Drop – 950m
  • Access – From the top of the Olympic Chair head to the east-facing slopes that overlook the Meribel Valley
  • NG Level – 2 NG Stars – Descent with occasional steep slopes (max 40 degrees) that require accurate navigation skills to ensure you avoid obstacles and find your way through forests, couloirs and rock bands.
  • IMPORTANT – While the following are brilliant runs they are incredibly dangerous. The aspect they face, the shape of the terrain and the ground underneath the snow make for an incredibly dangerous and high-risk avalanche environment. Please do not ski these unless you have a lot of experience reading the snow conditions and have practised your rescue technique.

The two bowls that provide the most obvious entrances sit right below the ski lift.

There are two additional route options further right and left respectively. These options are great variations for those experiences at off-piste skiing. If you plan on skiing in the more advanced off-piste areas, it is definitely worth taking some photos from the lift as these options have a couple of cliffs and steeper sections that you need to be aware of.

The opening face on each option is a brilliant place to let your skis run and carry some speed, flowing effortlessly from turn to turn.

The runs mellow out momentarily, allowing you a chance to regroup before dropping into the steepest and most dangerous sections. Make sure you agree on a safe meeting point that you can see from the top to regroup and only ski the face once at a time.

off-piste meribel

These steeper sections provide something to excite everyone. For some just skiing such a big off-piste face will be all the excitement you need. For others, there are a series of drops, rollers and features to play around on.

Once you have regrouped away from the steeper sections, things just keep getting better.

As you continue skiing the terrain just gets more and more playful. Very rarely will you find such varied off-piste terrain in a single run.

Get ready for well-spaced trees, a plethora or rollers and jumps and the occasional building to jump off if you fancy it.

In the words of the great Shane McConkey. Just ski down there and jump off something.

Unfortunately, the fun does have to come to an end. When you cross the Raffort Blue Run you need to follow it and it will take you down into the village of le Raffort where you can jump on a bus back to the resort.

 Off-Piste Skiing – Safety

Off-Piste Skiing is an incredible experience but it can also be dangerous. We have tried to provide enough information for experienced off-piste skiers to find and identify these runs using IGN maps. You will not be able to find enough detail to safely access these runs from a piste map. It is essential that you carry an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, assess the avalanche risk on the day and take all other appropriate safety precautions. You can buy all of the appropriate avalanche equipment from Ellis Brigham in store and online. Accessing these runs without an off-piste guide is done entirely at your own risk.

If you are heading off-piste but don’t feel comfortable with the above then it is likely that you may be better placed to explore these runs with an off-piste guide or as part of an off-piste course. New Generation Ski School offer off-piste courses for all levels.

Whether you are just making your first turns away from the groomed slopes or have years of experience ski touring our guides will help you find the best runs, and while we can’t guarantee a powder day, we can find you the best snow!

We have been guiding guests off-piste in Meribel and the Three Valleys for 25 years. Our team know all 4 ski areas incredibly well. If you are staying in Saint Martin de Belleville, Val Thorens or the Courchevel Valley make sure you read our guides to the best off-piste skiing in each resort.

We have teams in all major ski areas in the French Alps as well as Verbier, St Anton and Lech. Let our team help you find the best off-piste skiing on your next trip.