Morzine trees

Why Morzine is Great for a Group Ski Trip

Planning a group ski holiday can be hard work. Hats off to you if you landed the unfortunate role of organising your gaggle of friends for a week away. The first decision to make is where to go. And we've got that sorted for you. Why Morzine…

Life Down Under

Teaching in the southern hemisphere is a unique experience. The snow is often not as reliable as the northern hemisphere, the resorts are considerably smaller and most of the kit looks like it is from the 80's. Inspite of this instructors make…
Tour de France

The Tour puffs through Alpe d'Huez

After days of anticipation Thursday saw the arrival of the 100th Tour de France ride through Alp d’Huez. The 100m queue outside the bakery from 8am was a sign of things to come and we rushed through our work in the chalet on Thursday morning…

Record breaking summer skiing in Verbier with New Generation

  It seems that while there are records being broken in the UK (hottest day of the year yesterday!) - they're also being smashed in Verbier. But this time it's skiing. On Sunday, New Generation Verbier Ski Instructors Amy and…
Tour de France

Excitement builds as the Tour approaches Alp d'Huez

Euro-pop blasting out of makeshift sound systems, crowd-lined streets and enough lycra to clothe a small nation - it must be Tour time! With a new found appreciation of road cycling (and a husband keen to catch the action) we were lucky enough…
Waterskiing vs Skiing

Waterskiing vs Skiing - What's the difference?

What is the difference between waterskiing and skiing? Can snow ski skills transfer to waterskiing? This is what we wanted to find out. Luckily our ski instructor, Pete, was a willing guinea pig for our experiment. Waterskiing vs Skiing You…

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