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choose the right ski lesson

One of the most important steps in booking your ski lessons is knowing how to choose the right ski lesson for you. You want to ensure that you’re getting as much out of your ski lesson as possible and that it’s suited to your needs and wants.

If all of the options seem a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve listed below the most common questions we hear when trying to choose the right ski lesson. Find out which one sounds familiar to you, and see which lessons we recommend to get the most out of your time on the hill.

How to Choose the Right Ski Lesson

New Generation Ski School Weekend Group Lessons

This is my first time skiing

If you’ve never skied before, a great place to start is with our adult group ski lessons. These run from Sun-Fri or Mon-Fri and are great for those who want to learn in a sociable setting. With a little bit of tuition each morning, you’ll progress throughout the week on terrain that is suitable for your level.

If you’d prefer more personalised instruction, private lessons are also a great way to learn how to ski. If you’ve never skied before, you’ll likely you will want more than just one lesson during the week. So this is a more expensive option, but can be just as valuable.

I’ve skied a couple of times but really lack confidence

If boosting your confidence is one of your main focuses, a week of group lessons could be just the thing. As you progress more and more each day, you’ll build confidence all week long. Our instructors are expert confidence-builders and will help you along the way.

I’ve skied for a number of years, but don’t feel as if I’m progressing anymore

If you want to get off a plateau, try our ski or snowboard clinics. We offer three different levels: Piste Performance (level 4), All-Mountain Explorer (level 5) and All-Mountain Adventure (level 6). These 8hr courses run for 4hrs on Tuesday and Thursday. And the day off in between gives you plenty of time to practice your technique, as well as spend time with your group.

I was a strong, confident skier, but then I had an accident and now I’m really nervous

Getting back into skiing after an accident can be daunting. Our instructors have loads of experience in re-building confidence in skiers, and will help you get back into skiing. We recommend a private lesson or two, with loads of one-on-one attention. This is the best option to ease back into skiing at your own pace, as you start to rebuild your confidence.

I ski strongly on red runs, but I struggle when it gets steeper, icy, bumpy or the snow is deep

If you don’t want the commitment of lessons every day, our piste performance clinic might be just the thing to help develop your technique. With lessons just 2 days a week, and a day off in between, you’ll have time to apply your feedback and practice your technique between each session.

I’m on a budget, but still would like some lessons

Our most budget-friendly lessons are adult group ski or snowboard lessons. At just 250€ for 12hrs of tuition, you’ll get to learn in a sociable setting, and progress a little bit more each day.

I’m coming to resort for a short break

You’re in luck. We offer weekend group lessons which run for three days from either Thurs-Sat or Fri-Sun. These are for levels 1-4 ski and 1-2 board. So if you’re a higher level, why not check out our explorer sessions to help get you to know the area with some tips along the way. Or you can opt for a private lesson or two.

I’m a different level from others in my group

If you’re a lower level skier than the rest of your group, a great option are adult group lessons. Running for just 2hrs each morning, this leaves you plenty of time to practice and join the group during the rest of the day. Along with that, you’ll progress a little more each day, and hopefully, by the end of the week, you’ll feel confident skiing with the rest of your group.

Higher level skier than your group? If everyone else is in lessons, but you don’t feel as if you need them, why not try something different? Give ski touring ago in our intro to ski touring course. Or explore beyond the piste markers in our off-piste sessions.

We don’t need a lesson as we are all pretty good skiers, we just want a guide

We offer ski guiding in all of our French and Austrian resorts. Our fully qualified instructors will show you their favourite spots on the mountain. You can choose from piste or off-piste guiding, and explore the area whilst getting some helpful tips along the way.

Find Your Ski Level

Another key factor that will help you choose the right ski lesson for you, is to determine your ski level. Check out our handy ski level guide to help determine what your level is based on the number of weeks you’ve spent skiing, confidence on different piste levels, and your next aim and goals for improvement.

Or take a look at our ski level videos from Level 1 – 6 to help you determine yours.

We know how important it is to choose the right ski lesson for you, to ensure that you make the most of your ski holiday. If you still feel unsure as to what lesson is best for you, get in touch with our reservations team. They are all well-versed in advising the best lesson for each client, based on your individual needs. They’re near the phone year-round and happy to help.