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For most this isn’t a choice. The summer signifies time to dig out your swim suits and bare some flesh, then, when winter, hits you’re sharpening your edges and preparing for snow. But if time or money are tight next year and you need to convince the family or other half why the ski holiday wins hands down, then check out our list of reasons to support your case:ski holidays

1. The scenery and the beauty of nature. Picture snowcapped mountains, rugged peaks and assorted pines as far as the eye can see. How could a poolside with scattered sun loungers and beach umbrellas ever compete?


2. Indulging on wine and shots at lunch time is part of the culture on a ski break. Sipping Génépi at lunch time will actually make you fit in with the locals rather than living up to the Brits abroad stereotype.


cheese fondue
3. If you ski hard all day then you can almost convince yourself that you earned that mountain of cheese you consumed at lunch. Well almost!


4. You can leave those shoes at home. Comfort is key for ski resort footwear. And wearing shoes which will limit the number of times you’re thrown back on to your bum is much more important than style. So rather than forcing your swollen feet into heels, or pulling on those smooth bottomed loafers, you can don woolly socks and cosy Uggs in smug yet sensible comfort.


5. Being at altitude, with white reflective surroundings, means you get a wicked tan, without having to lie on goggle tanyour back all day. You just need to learn to embrace those goggle marks…


6. While getting ski fit will help you get the most of your ski holiday, you needn’t worry about that pre-holiday bikini diet or the fear of baring all in skimpy swimwear. The beauty of ski holiday clobber is that you can gorge yourself at dinner without loosening your waistband. Baggy ski pants and Christmas jumpers hide a multitude of sins!!


7. On a hot holiday there’s always someone who prefers to lie on their back all day while others gets itchy feet and bore easily. On a ski holiday, if you have different agendas you can leave the more sedentary sipping vin chaud at a mountain restaurant while you get in a few more laps, reducing the conflict of conflicting priorities. Then you can reconvene at the bar later for a much loved après session. Think live music, cold beers and table dancing in ski boots. How can a beach bar ever compete?


8. Snow. An obvious one, but a goody! Who doesn’t love snow?! It makes everything look pristine and fresh. It cushions your fall if your technique is lacking. You can use it to clean up that bit of wine that missed your mouth at lunch. It makes every day look like Christmas. The kids love it. You won’t find it in your sandwiches at lunch and it won’t irritate your skin or cause a rash. And who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? Sand, just does not compete!!


retro skiwear9. Retro ski wear. In the mountains you needn’t wait for a fancy dress party to dig out your best retro clobber. 80s throw backs can rejoice in the fact that one pieces and neon pick is the height of fashion once more.


10. Now this revered no.10 slot almost went to cheese once again to celebrate this moutain stable. I nearly forget the reason most of us actually come. Yes the après ski is ace, the cheese much loved, and the scenery majestic, but the real reason we go through the faff of getting ready for the slopes each morning is for the actual skiing (or snowboarding). The feeling of sliding down a hill, with the wind in your hair and an icy chill on your face. This buzz really can’t be beat. And if the rest of these reasons don’t convince your partner then this surely will. So put your lilo into storage and get out your winter wear the ski season is a-coming and we can’t wait!!!

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