Impact & Purpose

Here at New Gen, we aim to build a team where people are able to share and combine both their talents and their passions. We believe that the success of our community lies in the values-based way we work together, how we approach the daily highs and challenges of running a business and fostering an environment of development and growth.

This drive for development and positive change is at the heart of everything we do. From working with our clients in our ski school to our instructor training programs, our own skiing, and the way we run our courses.

But it goes beyond this. We want to create positive change, not only in the ski industry but also in the wider world. So we want you to know that the money you spend with us not only helps you achieve your personal goals, but benefits others as well.

One for One Promise

Every time you take a lesson with us, you’re helping us create positive change in the world.

Since 2015, we’ve been contributing a portion of every lesson sale towards charitable giving. In 2017 we took it a step further and introduced our One for One education promise, which continues today. For each hour of instruction given, we provide 1 day of education to a child in need.

Check out our video to learn more:

Buy 1 Give 1

Can you imagine living in a world where your everyday activities were the drop that started a ripple on positive effect around the world? Where going about your daily business leads to something amazing and positive happening to someone else?

Well, that’s the kind of world that we want to live in and the reason that we at New Generation have become life-long members of Buy1Give1 (B1G1). This social enterprise shares our dream that every business has the power to create change by integrating charitable giving into their daily business activities.

By linking us to hundreds of small grassroots charities around the world B1G1 allows us to celebrate what we are doing within New Generation by supporting other people. Whether it’s through supporting a youth development programme on behalf of all the children skiing with us in a given month, or planting seeds on behalf of all beginners joining us for the first time.

We are thrilled to let you know that since joining B1G1 in 2015 we’ve made over 450,000 positive impacts so far!

To find out more information about B1G1 and ways you can get involved you can visit the B1G1 website.

All of the impacts we’ve made so far in the interactive map below.


Snow-Camp Logo
Snow-Camp Kids

New Generation is proud to be partners of Snow-Camp – one of the UK’s most innovative charities dedicated to changing the lives of inner-city young people with snowsports.

Each year, around 1,000 inner-city youth in the UK take part in Snow-Camp’s programmes. This enables those not in training or employment to participate in targeted work experience, vocational training and apprenticeships to achieve positive change through snowsports.

As a community, throughout the season we aim to raise money to go directly towards Snow-Camp’s work. For every £100 raised, a new young person from the inner-city will benefit from Snow-Camp’s life-changing beginner programme.

We at New Gen feel very lucky to work in the ski industry and our mountainous environment. We hope that the money raised broadens the horizons of young people that otherwise wouldn’t have such opportunities.

You can find out more about their work on the Snow-Camp website.

Want to support Snow-Camp? You can donate via this link to help young people benefit from their life-changing programme.

Other Giving

Each winter we print brochures, and for winter 2019/20 we wanted to try to off-set the environmental impact of creating these. So we’ve planted a tree grove with Trees for Life. Our initial grove of 17 trees have been planted in the Scottish Highlands, and we plan to continuously add to it and watch it grow over time.

As well as our regular work, we try to be creative and responsive in our giving. This might be sponsoring a homeless shelter over Christmas, donating to emergency relief charities following avalanches and earthquakes in the mountains, or supporting a project close to the heart of our team members and partners.

We also try to engage practically where we can. As many of our team take some time off in the autumn we support them to give their time to a voluntary project. For the last two years, we have also collected and donated all of our old uniforms to refugees struggling with the winter temperatures across Europe.

Below is a highlight of all our contributions made over the 2019.20 winter season.

  • 5

    Micro-Loans Given

    We’ve lent 5 micro-loans through Kiva to Yondima Group, Indosole, Susan’s Group, Jacqueline and Saul to help support those in the face of adversity.

  • 17

    Trees Planted

    New trees are now in the ground in the Scottish Highlands as part of our initiative to offset our environmental impact of printed materials.
  • 50

    Snow-Camp Programmes Funded

    Throughout the season, New Gen and friends raised enough money to provide 50 Snow-Camp beginner programmes. Which are given to underprivileged inner-city young people.

  • 25

    Uniforms Donated

    Our instructors did not let their old New Gen uniforms go to waste and donated them to refugees in Bosnia to help protect them in colder weather.
  • 55,597

    Days of Education Provided

    Through our 1-for-1 Promise, we’ve given over 55,000 days of education to children in Chennai, India.

  • 117,185

    Impacts Made

    Our total number of impacts made through B1G1. From Ukraine to Cambodia, from providing warm clothing to providing access to clean water.

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