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A Behind the Scenes Chat with a Ski Legend

"I remember when I started skiing back in the 80s the length of skis defined your prowess as a ski demon or ski legend some would say. The better skier you were, the longer your skis. So you can imagine my dismay that after a break of about…
Jumping through trees in Courchevel skiing

Why we love skiing in a white out

The words 'white out' or 'snow blizzard' don't immediately conjure up the ideal skiing conditions. But some of my best days skiing have been in the middle of a white out. Sure, they don't match the glorious blue-bird powder days we all long…

Learning to Ski in Courchevel

If you're planning your first ski holiday and you're wondering where to start out, or are feeling a little apprehensive then fret not! Taking your first tentative steps needn't be nerve wracking and to help you get started we've put together…
ellis brigham

Ellis Brigham Christmas Wish List

Our friends and winter 2013/14 clothing and equipment partners Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports stock everything that a skier or snowboarder could possibly desire this Christmas. So we felt it only right to challenge them to give us their most…

Ski hard, but ski safe

Last season more of you than ever skied or boarded off piste with us; in search of fresh lines and the skills to ski or ride them with style. We ran 64 off piste courses and guided adventures, taking 229 of you into the deep stuff, without even…
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