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Ski Resorts Update: Winter 2020

Last update: 22/09/2020 We're all wondering what the ski resorts will look like in winter 2020, which is why we've been in touch with some Snowsports companies and resorts across Europe to get you the latest information. The plan is for ski…

Ski Resorts Update: Summer 2020

As our team operates out of multiple countries within Europe, we’ve been keeping an eye on each country's individual situation. Here are the latest news and updates on how each country and its ski resorts have been re-opening for summer 2020. Last…

Make Your Ski Holiday More Sustainable

We're all very aware of the importance of changing our habits to become more eco-friendly. But have you ever thought about your ski holiday being sustainable? Although skiing and sustainability can seem like an oxymoron, there are actually some…
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Skiing in Europe: Where to go

Are you dreaming of fondue, open log fires, charming French villages and endless pristine skiing in Europe? Yep, us too. France, Switzerland & Italy are the top contenders for the best skiing in Europe. As it's such a large area, so we have…
The 8 Best Gifts for a Skier or Snowboarder

6 Tips for Planning a Ski Holiday with Friends

Have you been hanging out with your friends, discussing how great it would be to go on a ski holiday together this winter?  But nothing has happened and you're still hooked on the idea? Well, it is time to change that and make things happen.…
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Ski Holiday on a Budget: It’s Possible

Alps sunshine, skiing on fresh snow, what more could you want from your ski holiday? There’s nothing quite like being in the mountains, but it is one of those holidays that can end up being a little pricy. Want to enjoy skiing without breaking…
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