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With the Espace Killy opening it’s proverbial doors today for winter 2015/16, it’s time for a little update from the snowy heights of Tignes.

Tignes opens winter 2015/16

The first and perhaps the most important thing that is new this year is that we have snow… lots of snow! Unlike last year’s slow start, we’ve had two dumps of the white stuff in the last week and the temperatures remain crisp, fresh and wonderfully wintery. Tignes is looking beautifully white and untouched ready for holidaymakers to grace it’s slopes.

The New Gen Tignes team have been skiing on the glacier since the beginning of November and so far the conditions have been tip top. Firm pistes up on the glacier have provided race teams and earlybird holidaymakers with all their skiing needs. With all the fresh snow the Lanches chair also opened this week, allowing you to ski all the way into Val Claret. We have high hopes for this El Niño fuelled season!

In other news, there’s a shiny new magic carpet, complete with a shiny new cover, to make the experience of learning to ski in Tignes that much more special (and slightly warmer!).  On top of that, the Rosset chairlift has had a facelift (and by that I mean it’s a whole new lift!).

Espace Killy opens

So it’s white, it’s cold and if you get in before the holidays get into full swing, it’s quiet. If that sounds like your thing, get booking your last minute holiday and come and help us get the season going with the fresh tracks you deserve!

See you on the hill,

New Gen Tignes Team