Off-Piste Levels

Skiing or snowboarding off-piste is the ultimate adventure and a goal for many snowsports enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for an intro session to dip your toes in the powder or want a local guide to take you on a backcountry adventure, we can help.

Find your off-piste ski or snowboard level with our handy guide to help you select the right lesson or adventure for your ability. The levels describe what level you are currently at and what you can already do, not what you will be learning in the lessons. These off-piste levels help us ensure that we select the perfect instructor for your lesson, so you can develop new off-piste skills and build confidence.

If you’re familiar with our ski or snowboard levels, these do not sit directly above them. There often is a crossover between the two, so please keep that in mind when determining your off-piste level.

Then, once you’ve determined your level, find out what off-piste lessons we have on offer.

  • Off-Piste Level 1

    I’m happy skiing or boarding on all pistes. I can link turns and stop safely on steep slopes. I’m physically fit and have a go-getter attitude.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 5 weeks

    Off-Piste Experience: 0-3 weeks

  • Off-Piste Level 2

    I’m happy and confident skiing or snowboarding off-piste in moderate terrain.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 10 weeks

    Off-Piste Experience: Min. 3 weeks with a guide

  • Off-Piste Level 3

    I’m happy skiing or snowboarding off-piste in all conditions including steep terrain and narrow couloirs. I thoroughly understand off-piste safety procedures and have practised with avalanche safety equipment.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 15 weeks.

    Off-Piste Experience: More than 6 weeks

Choose the right off-piste lesson for you

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