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glacier skiing

The mountains are stunning. You already know this. But they aren’t just magical and delightful in the winter, they have something to offer in the summer as well. And a few of those mountains that we like to play on are situated high enough that you can appreciate them year-round. Yes, we are talking about glacier skiing. If you want to go and enjoy these wild mountains, summer is more than a good time to do so.

glacier skiing

7 Reasons to go Glacier Skiing

1. Perfect your park skills

Terrain parks make up for the limited skiing area in the summer.

Parks are a big deal in the summer. As there is a limited skiing area on the glaciers, resorts ensure you will have plenty to keep you entertained. A lot of time is put into these parks – from rails to kickers to boxes, there are usually tons of features to hit and lots of tricks to perfect. Better yet the snow is usually soft, so don’t worry too much about that landing.

glacier skiing

2. Ski amongst the Pros

Professionals, World Cup athletes & national competitors – they all need to train in the off-season.

And you will likely find them on the glaciers perfecting new tricks for the coming season. I spotted the Swiss National Freestyle Team & Olympic snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov last year in Switzerland. No selfie to prove it though…

Image from Joy Joy Watches.

Image from Joy Joy Watches.

3. It’s the perfect time for learning and developing skills

Soft snow, lots of drag lifts, calm weather. Glaciers are great for beginner skiers or if you’re looking to work on new skills. You might even have some fresh snow to practice on!

“Skiing on a glacier doesn’t mean ‘skiing on ice’, very often it happens to be skiing on fresh powdered snow even in the summer months.” – Fabulous Outdoors


4. Benefit from the altitude change

Although you’ll be skiing high up, you’ll still be staying in resort and lower altitude levels. This change in going up the gondola each day can improve your ability to exercise. If it can benefit Olympic athletes, it can definitely benefit us commoners. Take it easy though – the sun is strong up high, so be sure to drink lots of water!

The Science_

5. It’s not only about skiing

Just because you’re going on a summer ski holiday doesn’t mean that will be your only activity. One of the true perks of glacier skiing are all the activities that go alongside it. Most glaciers are open from the morning until about noon, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the mountain at a lower altitude.

You can go…

Oh and don’t forget the summer luge.

6. Perfect for a weekend break

It’s a bit counterintuitive, but most glaciers are empty on the weekends. What?

Pros & racers are spending their whole week training and then head back home to see family on the weekend, leaving the perfect window for a cheeky weekend visit.

7. Ski it while you still can

Summer seasons are not lasting as long as they used to, and there is no doubt that glaciers are melting at a pace double that of a decade ago. So you get out there and ski it before they close them off for good.

glacier in the alps

Where can you enjoy this sweet sweet summer goodness?

A few of our favorites in the Alps: Tignes, Les Deux Alpes, Zermatt, and Saas Fee.

Whether you’re looking for an uncommon summer holiday, to brush up on your ski skills in the off-season, or just want to do some celebrity spotting, glacier skiing in the Alps is a unique experience and one not to be missed. We’ll see you out there!

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