Group Off-Piste Ski Courses

Not much beats the feeling of leaving your mark on the mountain as you glide down a powder run. If you’re wanting to explore the incredible off-piste available, but don’t know the resort, don’t have the kit or don’t have a group you trust to ski with then our off-piste courses for groups are perfect for you.

Explore and develop your skills with a team of skiers all of a similar ability. Our off-piste specialist instructors will show you the resort’s best-kept secrets while keeping you safe.


Recommended level 5+

Age Range


Lesson Length

3 – 6 Hours


Off-Piste Ski Lessons




Our off-piste skiing lessons run in 4 formats to cater for every skill and confidence level. When choosing your off-piste course it is best to think about not just your technical ability but how close to the edge of your comfort zone you would like to be pushed.

You may be a strong technical piste skier but away from the crowds off-piste – this is only half the picture. Confidence can play a huge part. If you are unsure of which option is best for you please contact our team who are on hand to help you find the perfect lesson.

Our ski instructors will always place your safety at the heart of every decision they make. They will endeavour to find you the best snow conditions (fluffy deep snow) in the ski area but have to balance this with avalanche safety and the level of the group.

Off-Piste Skiing Levels

Find your off-piste ski level with our handy guide to help you select the right off-piste ski course or adventure for your ability.

The levels describe what level you are currently at and what you can already do, not what you will be learning in the lessons. These off-piste levels help us ensure that we select the perfect instructor for your lesson, so you can develop new off-piste skills and build confidence.

  • Off-Piste Level 1

    I’m happy skiing or boarding on all pistes. I can link turns and stop safely on steep slopes. I’m physically fit and have a go-getter attitude.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 5 weeks

    Off-Piste Experience: 0-3 weeks

  • Off-Piste Level 2

    I’m happy and confident skiing or snowboarding off-piste in moderate terrain.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 10 weeks

    Off-Piste Experience: Min. 3 weeks with a guide

  • Off-Piste Level 3

    I’m happy skiing or snowboarding off-piste in all conditions including steep terrain and narrow couloirs. I thoroughly understand off-piste safety procedures and have practised with avalanche safety equipment.

    Total Skiing/Snowboarding Experience: Min. 15 weeks.

    Off-Piste Experience: More than 6 weeks


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Top Tips

  • If you’re out with us all day, and we’re heading into the backcountry, we might stop at a refuge to grab a bite to eat. Or we might get lunch on the mountain if you’re skiing with us all day, so bring a sandwich in your backpack or bring some money for a bite to eat. Your instructor will inform you of lunch plans beforehand.
  • If you have avalanche equipment, please bring your own. We can provide avalanche equipment if necessary. Please inform us beforehand so we can prepare the equipment for you.
  • Please bring a mobile phone with you.
  • Please wear a helmet for all off-piste courses.
  • Make sure you’ve got a piste map in your pocket (you can pick them up from most lift stations or the tourist office for free.)

Additional Information

  • As these are group lessons, we ask that you consider the others in the group. Please be realistic about your level as it is much harder to manage a split ability group off-piste!
  • We love skiing off-piste and can provide video analysis that we can later send to you. Please ask your instructor if you’d like them to take photos and videos of your skiing off-piste.
  • If you’re in a position to rent different skis, we’d recommend an all mountain ski or a wider fat powder ski.
  • These off-piste skiing courses are more focused on exploration, mountain safety, off-piste ski technique and less ski instruction with focused drills. Depending on your experience, we will provide avalanche safety training to those who need a refresher or are unfamiliar with the equipment or safety skills required.
  • Want to effortlessly glide through the powder making consistent turns? We’ve got you!


Introduction to Off-Piste Course

A half-day introduction to backcountry skiing, for those who are confident piste skiers on all marked pistes and have done a small amount of off-piste skiing. These sessions are a great way to get a taste of what the resort has to offer, orient yourself for the week ahead and get some pointers on your technique. By the end of the session, you will have only just scratched the surface of what the resort has to offer.

Intermediate Off-Piste Adventure

A full-day of skiing, for those who have done a small amount of off-piste skiing, and want to explore further and develop their skills. These sessions are a great way to enjoy backcountry skiing the famous off-piste runs that the resort has to offer.

Advanced Off-Piste Adventure

A full-day of freeride skiing, for those who have spent several weeks skiing off-piste with a guide. These sessions are a great way to take a deep dive into the best, often hidden, off-piste runs in each resort.

Advanced Backcountry Adventure

A full-day of backcountry skiing, for those who have spent several weeks skiing off-piste with a guide. These sessions are a great way to explore the entirety of the resort by ski touring. You will need touring equipment and a reasonable level of experience in addition to above-average fitness levels.

Avalanche safety equipment will usually be required for both private lessons and clinics. If you need to borrow kit off us, please get in touch when booking your lesson.

We are unable to provide off-piste lessons in La Plagne at this time.

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