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The snow is starting to melt and the seasonnaires are starting to return home. While the ski season is wrapping up, summer still feels miles away. But don’t fret. There’s plenty of ways to keep busy – and in ski shape – whilst you wait for summer holiday. You just have to get a little creative.

First, we highly recommend the hoverboard ski. Grab that hoverboard that you have sitting in your attic, strap your skis onto the top of it and go for a spin. Best to ignore any and all stares from onlookers.


Secondly, don’t feel as if you need snow to go for a downhill ski. There are plenty of options to get some vertical sans snow: steps, escalators, muddy mountains…


Have the kids been skiing yet? Have them give a first go out in the back garden. They probably won’t even notice the difference.

Photo from

Photo from

Take the down time to master your new favourite snowboard carry before next season. Snow not required.

Or just go for it, sans snow.


Until next season friends…

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