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VLOG- Learning how to ski

Ever wondered what it’s like to learn how to ski as an adult? Insert, Jaye.

We followed Jaye along throughout the week as she took her first ever ski lessons in Meribel. She vlogged throughout the week, sharing how she was feeling, the ups and downs of the lessons, and how she felt on the other end of it. Check out how her week went!

Learning How To Ski

Pre-Ski Lesson

Before heading out to Meribel for their ski holiday, Jaye let us know her thoughts and feelings, and what she’s been doing to prepare for their trip.

“I have to say I’m quite nervous about this. I’m not the fitest person in the world. I have been doing lots of ski exercises in the last couple of weeks. I probably should have been doing it for longer that, but you know, gotta do what you gotta do.

I’m really, really excited about the whole family learning to ski at the same time. Lots of my friends go on ski holidays with their families, and I always felt like I was missing out, but I wondered if I was a bit too old to learn.”

Day 1

Was it a day on her bum? Skis thrown and tears had on the slopes? Or did she actually get the hang of it?

“So, we’ve just come back from our first day of skiing, and I have to say, I absolutely loved it. The snow was so powdery and fresh, and we just had so much fun.

We went up to Mottaret from Meribel because there’s a magic carpet up there, which is really good to learn on. It’s like a track that goes up the nursery slope, so it’s really easy to get up to the top of the slope.

And in no time, I have found my ski legs! I didn’t fall over once, which I can’t quite believe. And I just loved the feel of it. And I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

how to ski

Day 3

After 3 days on the slopes, how is Jaye feeling?

“So we’ve just finished day 3 on slopes and I’m really starting to feel it now.

We had the most amazing weather today. Crystal blue skies, beautiful sunshine, and it’s some of the most beautiful views I think I’ve seen in my whole life.

And I felt that i really started to master some of the balance in the morning ski lessons with Zoe.”

woman's first time skiing vlog

Final Day

How did it all end after Jaye’s first week on the slopes? Watch her vlog to find out.

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