As you may know, we’ve been working with B1G1 for the past few years linking us to hundreds of grassroots charities across the world, ensuring that as we grow and develop as a ski school, we also help to create a positive change to the world in which we work. We choose a trigger and B1G1 helps us to give an “impact”. These impacts range from providing reading material for children in Cambodia to providing grain seeds for children in Africa and this year has seen us top 300,000 impacts across the world. Read more

5 Reasons You Should Get Outside More

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to spend most of our ‘office time’ outdoors. There’s something about being outside – and in the mountains especially – that often it feels intangible as to why we love it. But in fact, there’s science and real health benefits as to why being outdoors is good for you. Read more

Always have great conversation

Each week of winter, we show up at work and meet new people. Whether it’s new clients, coworkers, or friends, we’re continuously meeting people. Which can too often lead to having the same conversation over and over. Read more

why you need downtime

The shops have closed for winter, but haven’t yet re-opened their doors for summer. Winter has officially gone but summer hasn’t quite yet arrived. Read more