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The first time you see the mountains without the snow, it’s pretty shocking.

To see the white, snow covered town you’ve looked at for months all of a sudden turn green and lush takes you a bit by surprise. And the mountain resorts take advantage of that beautiful summer weather. Courchevel opened up a brand new wake park in Le Praz this summer. And although we’ve only watched from afar, it looks like a fab way to take advantage of the mountains in summertime.

Wake Park in Courchevel, Le Praz

What is it?

Wake boarding, water skiing, wake skating, knee boarding and paddle boarding are all up for grabs on the Le Praz lake. Situated right underneath the gondola, not is it only a beautiful spot to have a picnic or walk around the lake, but now you can watch the hopefuls take their turn on the wake park.

The system is set up on a cable system running across the lake. It pulls riders along, simulating what a boat would usually do. The lake has a kicker and a box that only the most adventurous or advanced try out. But don’t worry you can definitely stay off of those features!

With lounge chairs nearby, benches and few snack stands around – it’s a lovely place to spend the afternoon, whether you’re giving it a go or just spectating.

wake park in courchevel

The Details

Around the area and want to try it out? You have about a month left to do so until the close up shop on September 15th. The park is open every day of the week from 11am – 7pm. They have all the equipment available for you to rent. Just show up with an open mind.


  • Children (under 16 yrs) – 1hr €20, 2hrs €35
  • Adults – 1hr €23, 2hrs €38
  • Private sessions can be organised as well
  • Stand up paddle rental – 1/2hr €10, 1 hr €15

wake park in courchevel

Aside from the new wake park in Courchevel, there’s tons of other activities going on in the Alps during summer. You’re bound to find one you like. From hiking to biking and everything in between. We have to say, it’s a lovely place to spend the summer. :-)

Pictures from Courchevel Wake Park’s Facebook page.