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Last week we surrendered the reins to our Instagram account and handed them over to Courchevel 1650 instructor Gareth Shelbourne. We let him totally takeover our account for the week to show a behind the scenes look at what the life of a ski instructor is really like. From what he wears to work to what he gets up to off the hill, Gareth showed us and our followers a different side of New Gen that we don’t always get to see. And if we do say so ourselves, this Instagram takeover was quite the success.

New Gen’s Instagram Takeover

In Gareth’s own words:

“So last week I was asked to takeover the New Gen Instagram account, it was so much fun being able to share images and videos of the things I get up to day to day.  At first however, I have to admit I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in my nerdy little life and my quirky musings. I did find it amusing that one of my posts has had the second highest number of interactions of all the New Gen posts, it was just a picture of a pile of neatly folded clothes on my bed! Forget the cool cliff drops it’s all about the folded clothes people.

Instagram Takeover

Getting creative

I do enjoy trying to be creative and over the years I have really developed a passion for being creative with digital technology. I love taking videos and photos and tinkering with them in digital design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. The only problem is finding the time! Of late I’ve not spent much time doing any tinkering, the takeover has reignited my urge for tinkering so hopefully I might be able to share some more via my own Instagram account (I think New Gen followers have had enough of me for now).

A picture paints a thousand words

I particularly enjoy using Instagram and as the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”. I think the fact that I am dyslexic means my brain is naturally attracted to the Instagram format, I like getting a thousand words in one image, reading or writing a thousand words could take me a while.

Instagram Takeover

It’s a tool to share how amazing life can be

Sharing positivity at the moment is a important thing. We are living in scary times, I read last night that scientists have moved the symbolic apocalypse clock closer to midnight. It hasn’t been this close since the 1950’s, during all the atomic bomb testing! So hopefully social media platforms such as Instagram can help us all share how amazing life can be, helping different areas of the world understand each other’s quirkiness and wind back the clock. I’m a big fan of Star Trek and especially Gene Roddenberry’s message of a hopefully utopian society in the future, smart people doing smart things together. We all have powerful tools in the palms of our hands and I hope we can use them to just get along better, or just show off our neatly folded clothes.

Live long and prosper people. 🖖” – Gareth Shelbourne

Who will takeover our Instagram account next?!? You’ll have to wait and find out… See you on the internet!