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Ski Fitness – Get Fit for Your Ski Holiday

We've all been there: your ski holiday is booked, you're dreaming of perfect pistes and amazing après and then that voice in your head tells you that you really should get ski fit first... And it's true! Skiing is so much fun that it's easy…
how to keep ski fit

How to Keep Ski Fit All Year Round

Tired legs after a day on the hill are inevitable, and a badge of honor of how hard you skied! However, the last thing you want is to be SO sore and tired that it affects your skiing and your energy and enjoyment of your ski holiday. Whether…

7 Ways Yoga Can Seriously Improve Your Skiing

Let's face it, most of us aren't going skiing until next winter rolls around. But nearly a year off the hill can put a damper on your skills and improvement. Luckily, strong skiing isn't only about time on the slopes. Yoga, as well as other…