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Last season more of you than ever skied or boarded off piste with us; in search of fresh lines and the skills to ski or ride them with style. We ran 64 off piste courses and guided adventures, taking 229 of you into the deep stuff, without even counting all the private lessons…..

Powder Skiing

Ski Hard, but Ski Safe

Skiing or boarding off piste is what many of us live for. You really can’t beat the feeling of riding through untouched snow as you almost float and dodge between trees. Here at New generation we love sharing our passion with clients and helping you appreciate the beauty and serenity of untouched areas. But one thing the recent avalanche in Tignes has highlighted and that we can’t stress enough, if you’re heading off piste, even just outside the piste markers, do it safely and Ski Safe at all times.

Always consider the following

Whether you ski off piste regularly, or are just starting to venture outside the piste markers, you should always consider the following before crossing the boundaries:

  1. Make sure you go with someone who knows the area, preferably an instructor or guide, who knows the safest route at each time of the day and where any cliffs and terrain traps are located.
  2. Make sure you are wearing the correct avalanche safety equipment (shovel, transceiver and probe, as a minimum – one full set for each person) and make sure you know how to use it.
  3. Travel in a party of at least three people and look out for your friends. Wait in a safe spot and see everyone down.
  4. Always ski or board one at a time. Skiing together might look cool for the video but it won’t be so much fun digging out multiple people.
  5. Check the avalanche risk rating in resort. The range is one (low) to five (very high). NB – there is always a risk!
  6. Be particularly cautious after heavy snowfalls, in warm weather or when the risk rating is four or above.
  7. Don’t assume because there are already tracks that its safe. You could be the person who hits the sweet point and sets it off.
  8. And if you’re not sure, you’re feeling tired, or question your ability or that of your friends – don’t go. They’ll also be another bluebird powder day!

This list is by no means extensive and there is no substitution for knowledge and experience. We run a number of courses and opportunities for you to head off piste with a fully qualified instructor, who’s mountain safety trained. We’d love to show you our favourite spots and share our knowledge of the mountains.

For more info about our off piste lessons and experiences click on the PDF below. Or if you’re heading to Val d’Isère, why not join our Off Piste course?

But whether you join us, another group, or do it with friends, have fun and stay safe. See you out there. We’ll be the ones in orange, whooping all the way!