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Why are ski lessons so important?

  • Learn new skills
  • Make friends
  • Have fun
  • Be more independent
  • Stay safe on the slopes

As the ski season rapidly approaches, many parents will be wondering whether or not to book ski lessons for their children. Skiing can be a great way for kids to improve their balance and coordination whilst having fun outdoors. But it’s also important to make sure that they are taught how to ski safely by a qualified instructor. That’s where New Generation Ski School comes in!

We offer ski lessons for kids of all ages and abilities, so you can rest assured that your child will be well looked after by fully qualified instructors in all our sessions. A few days of ski classes every year is one of the best investments that you can make in your child’s ski progress.

Choosing ski lessons

Choosing ski lessons for your children can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider, from age and ability level to interests and budget. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. With our handy tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Children’s ski lessons for your family. Get help choosing kids ski lessons.

Group Lessons

Group ski classes are the perfect way to get your child started in skiing, or to help them progress onto more advanced techniques so they can make the most of what the whole mountain has to offer. Learning alongside others of the same ability is always loads of fun for all skiers, especially the young skiers.

Check out our availability and prices for kids group ski lessons

Private Lessons

If you think your child would be better suited to a private lesson, they can be hugely successful too in the development of your child’s ski ability. But one on one sessions can be quite intense for young children, so we recommend keeping a private lesson short whilst kids are still young to keep them engaged and having a good time! See all of our private lesson details here.

Kids ski jumping

The benefits of kids ski lessons

Learn new skills

The word Ski School doesn’t always make it sound the most appealing to kids, who thought they were having a break from school and getting a holiday. But ski school isn’t like school at all…

Ski school is all about fun, adventure, learning and exploring! In our ski lessons, we aim to inspire kids to challenge themselves, explore new places and to have fun in the mountain environment.

Ski school isn’t just for beginners or young kids. Intermediate-level skiers, advanced skiers and teenagers can join ski school, as there’s always more to learn and bad habits to avoid! So no matter your children’s age or ability, there is a lesson suited to them.

Ettore & kids group ski lesson

Make New Friends

Learning to ski with other children of a similar ability makes it even more enjoyable. Kid’s learn in a different way to adults, and actually absorb a lot of information just by watching and copying.

Having peers alongside them, of a similar ability means the group can progress at their own pace in complete safety.

Here at New Generation Ski School, we split our group lessons by age and level. This means that your children will meet other mini skiers of the same age and ability who they can have a good time in lessons with.

Children who are just learning to ski will never be in the same group as those who are linking turns happily on blue runs. Making ski school a safe, fun, learning environment.

Be more independent

By giving your children the opportunity to ski with the instructor they will get more chances of skiing at the front of the group or leading the way for certain sections of their lessons. This will do wonders for their confidence and self-belief that they can do it!

It’s also beneficial for parents to have some alone time on the mountain to enjoy their favourite winter sport, without having to worry about their young children’s safety or enjoyment.

Time and space to try new things

When instructors have a group class, they can only help one or two children at a time. But this is actually a benefit as that extra time allows children to figure out how to do something for themselves.

For example clipping into their skis. If they see one of their peers do it successfully, they are more likely to give it a go themselves. Or if the instructor is helping another student, that time will allow them to try it themselves, with no pressure from anyone.

This feeling of independence is so important for young children and is vital to their development and confidence on the mountain.

Have fun

Skiing is so much fun and is even better when it’s a shared passion for a family. There’s no better feeling than your kids skiing down beside you, with a big grin across their face. It’s priceless to know that they can keep themselves in control and stay safe on the mountain, without you having to watch their every move.

In group ski lessons, kids learn how to improve their skiing, but they do so in a playful manner. You’d be surprised by how quickly children learn, when they are happy, engaged and entertained. And that’s all down to them enjoying themselves.

We aim to employ instructors who can be silly, have endless energy and are compassionate with your children so they are well looked after during their school holidays.

If your kids aren’t finishing their ski lesson raving about something they learnt, how fun their instructor is or where they have been – we’re doing something wrong!

kids group lessons

Staying safe in kid’s ski lessons

Dropping your kids off at ski school to spend the day on the mountain with a qualified ski instructor is one of the best things you can do for their skiing development.

Ski and snowboard instructors know how to keep your children safe on the mountain, whether that’s in group lessons or private lessons. Our knowledgable teams in each resort, know the ski area so well that it’s easier and natural for them to navigate, finding the best terrain for your child’s level.

Instructors also know where to ski depending on the weather, for example, if it’s windy at the top of the mountain, you’ll find the instructors having fun lower down the mountain, where often there is more snow if it’s windblown at the top.

It’s also important to note that instructors are all qualified first aiders, so if someone does take a tumble, they can reassure your child, administer basic first aid and always have ski patrol’s number on speed dial.

If I can ski, why do I need to pay a professional?

Most parents believe that if they are advanced skiers, then they can teach their loved ones to ski. But in actuality, knowing how to ski is one thing, teaching kids how to do it is another.

Choosing to leave your kids with experienced instructors is a wise idea, for your child’s safety and your own. Our dedicated team are great at judging their ability levels, and will always ensure they are in a safe environment.

Family ski holidays

Teaching your own kids how to ski can be quite a tricky task. Often children don’t listen to their loved ones and are better off learning from someone they have just met. When kids are in group ski lessons, there is a sense of camaraderie and they learn from watching and having a go.

Ski instructors make learning loads of fun too, as we know that children learn in a different way than adults. The youngster’s sessions will involve lots of play and fun whilst the older kids will get more technical feedback. Ski lessons are available for a reason and provide lots of benefits for all who are involved.

Choosing between Ski Schools

Whether you’re looking for group or private lessons, most ski schools cater for whatever your needs. It’s always worth doing some research and reading reviews to get an idea of what you’re signing your kids up for.

ESF ski school is the largest ski school in France and has a great reputation. But it’s good to note that lessons will most likely be in French and group sizes can be a lot larger, so on busy weeks, your children might not get the same feedback.

Here at New Generation, we have a max group size of 8 kids in children’s ski lessons in France and Austria. And in Switzerland, our maximum group size is 5! There’s no denying the difference in feedback, attention and safety on the mountain when it comes to lesson group size.

Children on a ski lift with a ski instructor

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With ski lessons from New Generation Ski School, you can be sure that your child will learn to ski safely this winter season!

Ski schools like New Generation Ski School offer ski lessons for kids of all ages (4 years +)  and abilities so that everyone can enjoy skiing safely. So if you’re thinking about booking ski lessons for your child this winter, be sure to book with New Generation Ski School!

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