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Last update: 13/01/2021

We’re all wondering what the ski resorts will look like in winter 2020, which is why we’ve been in touch with some Snowsports companies and resorts across Europe to get you the latest information. The original plan was for ski resorts to reopen in early December, as usual. But we’re waiting to hear on December 3rd, as to whether that’s possible in these uncertain times. There will be large differences in how people stay safe when moving around the resort. Here are the latest updates on how each country and it’s ski resorts are re-opening for winter 2020…

Ski Resorts Update: Winter 2020

French Ski Resorts Winter 2020

Opening dates yet to be confirmed (Potentially January 20th – but not confirmed)

Our close neighbours in France have been proactive in delivering new information for winter 2020/21. The new updates announced on the first week of September are as follows:

  • Anyone 11yrs + will need to wear a mask in the lift queues and on the lifts
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the lifts
  • Cable cars will be cleaned out at least once a day
  • No current restrictions on the number of people in lifts or mixing different groups of people
  • Masks required at ski school meeting points
  • Any equipment ski school clients use (such as children’s bibs) will be disinfected

Tignes have just released information on what they will be doing specifically in the resort and on the slopes to keep you safe. What we don’t know yet is if a buff/neck warmer will count as a mask on the lifts. Currently, the government regulations require a ‘mask’ but no specifics about what exactly that mask needs to be.

We highly recommend downloading the French contact tracing app called Tous Anti Covid. On the app, the language can be switched to English and there is clear explanations for how it works.

ski resorts winter 2020

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Swiss Ski Resorts Winter 2020

Verbier ski resort fully opened on December 5th

Switzerland has also been quick to make adjustments to their protocols to ensure everyone visiting feels safe. Their top changes that will impact us in Verbier are:

  • Cleanliness and organisation: There must be sufficient opportunities to wash hands with soap and water or with hand sanitiser. Surfaces and objects that are touched by multiple people must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Guests can use floor markings and signage to help them maintain social distancing.
  • Personal responsibility and capacity restrictions: Capacities for cars, gondolas and chairlifts are not restricted. As on public transport, guests are responsible for maintaining social distancing on the cable cars and lifts.
  • Avoidance of personal contact: Buy your tickets online in advance to avoid queues at the cash desks and to minimise contact with other guests. If you buy your ticket at the cash desk, please pay electronically in a contactless transaction.
  • Face masks: Masks compulsory. Masks must have a proper filter in them – this is something we are looking into.
  • Employee protection: The safety of employees is just as important as that of guests. Maintain social distancing, use a Plexiglass screen, e.g. at ticket desks, or wear a face mask if you are unable to maintain social distancing.

 Laurent Vaucher – CEO Téléverbier:

“Regarding the coming winter, unless the authorities advise otherwise, Téléverbier will open its ski area as usual as soon as the snow conditions allow while ensuring the health of our guests and our staff. To date, there is no restriction on transport capacity or user limitation in the ski area. However, depending on the evolution of the health situation, new measures could be implemented in accordance with federal and cantonal directives. Wearing a mask will be compulsory in our cable cars and lifts. Our teams are working to develop plans and protocols to limit the risk of the spread of COVID-19. We make sure to comply with local, regional and national regulations in order to offer you the best experience for the 2020-2021 season.”

Find out more:

ski resorts winter 2020

Download the Swiss Covid App so you’re prepared for contract tracing

Austrian Ski Resorts Winter 2020

St Anton & Lech ski resorts opened on December 24th

In accordance with the current regulations of the Federal Government, St. Anton am Arlberg & Lech has defined the first measures for the coming winter:

  • It’s essential for masks to be worn in the lift stations and in the lifts.
  • Masks must be worn at the meeting points for both our teachers and clients.
  • Buffs and neck warmers are being accepted as masks in Austria, as long as they cover the nose and mouth.
  • Always socially distance, (1-metre minimum) in all public situations. In circumstances when you cannot, a mouth & nose covering (mask) must be worn.
  • Our children’s bibs will always be disinfected after use.
  • Handwashing stations frequently available across the resort. Wash hands several times a day.
  • Refrain from shaking hands when greeting.
  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.
  • Pay cashless if possible.
  • FYI: 1450 is the COVID-19 hotline in Austria if you would like to discuss symptoms and find out how to act.

ski resorts winter 2020

“The safety and health of our guests, as well as of our employees and residents, is a top priority in St. Anton am Arlberg. An extremely important aspect of reducing the risk of infection is a personal responsibility of every person who works, lives or spend a holiday in the region. We, therefore, urge everyone to respect and follow all measures and safety recommendations in force. In doing so, you are making an invaluable contribution to everyone’s safety.”

There Austrian contact tracing app is called Stopp Covid and can be downloaded for Apple & Android here.

Looking Ahead

We’re confident we will have a great upcoming winter season, and to do so we’ve set in place COVID safety measures. All of our new safety protocols have been created to ensure the safety of our clients and our team this winter. We ask that you follow them during your time with us so that we can all enjoy the slopes together this winter. Please be sure to read the protocols that apply to the country you will be skiing in.

We’re also hard at work talking to resorts & businesses about the changes for next year. As soon as know more, we will pass this information on to you. At this stage, advice and regulations are ever-changing, so this document will be updated as and when we know more.

If you’ve got any more questions that we haven’t covered in our COVID-19 FAQs, please feel free to get in touch.