Verbier Children’s Group Ski Lessons

Often touted as quite a challenging resort, Verbier also offers a variety of slopes suitable for skiers of all levels and ages. 

We run a full programme of Verbier children’s ski lessons, from our 4yr old Whippersnappers up to all-mountain riders in our teen Pro Ride group (up to 17yrs). And with the option to upgrade to one full day, including lunch, for all but the youngest children, your child will soon be showing you how it’s done!

All our children’s lessons are based around fun and learning through play. And we’ll always finish on a high with a challenge or activity on the last day.

Your child’s safety is at the forefront of our minds at all time. All children must be signed in an out and must wear a bib (with loops for the younger children to offer more support) to make them easily recognisable.  And our lessons are planned carefully to ensure they progress in a safe and supportive environment.

We run ski lessons for children and teens from 4-17years, and groups are decided based on age, ability and experience.

  • Whippersnappers (4-5yrs)
  • Wallabies (beginners 6-12yrs)
  • Arrows (5-7yrs or 7-12yrs)
  • Bombers (6-12yrs)
  • Rockets (8-13yrs)
  • Freeride (10-13yrs)
  • Pro Rider (13-17yrs)

You can read more about the requirements for each group and select the most appropriate group for your child using our children’s level guide.

Peak Weeks

Christmas & New Year: 20th Dec – 2nd Jan
February Half Term: 14th – 27th Feb
Easter: 4th – 17th Apr

  • Whippersnappers
  • Sun/Mon – Fri
  • 11.30 for 2hrs
  • 2 – 6 per group
  • 300/350CHF
  • All other levels – Morning
  • Sun/Mon – Fri
  • 9.00 for 4.5hrs
  • 2 – 8 per group
  • 500/600CHF
  • All other levels – Afternoon
  • Sun/Mon – Fri
  • 13.30 for 2.5hrs
  • 2 – 8 per group
  • 300/400CHF

Non-Peak Weeks

  • Morning
  • 5 – 17 years
  • Sun/Mon – Fri
  • 9.00 for 4.5hrs
  • 2 – 8 per group
  • 450/540CHF
  • Afternoon
  • 5 – 17 years
  • Sun/Mon – Fri
  • 13.30 for 2.5hrs
  • 2 – 8 per group
  • 250/340CHF

Find your child’s ski level

Check your child’s ski level

It’s not always easy to know the ski level of your child. Determining the right level early on is really important so we that we can ensure that your child is in the right group so they get the most out of the week and have an awesome time.

So before your book your Verbier children’s ski lessons take a closer look at our selection of ski videos to help you decide what level your child is.

Find your child’s ski level

Children’s ski lessons FAQ’s

Got questions about your ski lessons? We’ve got answers. Check out our FAQ page. Or if you have questions about Verbier specifically, check out our Verbier Ski Resort Guide.

Whippersnappers and Wallabies will start on the Les Esserts beginner area which you can get a reduced price lift pass for. Your child’s instructor can then advise you when they will need a full Verbier pass.

All other groups will need a Verbier pass for the week.

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