Ski Touring in the Norwegian Fjords

Ski Touring in the Norwegian Fjords

Picture snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see, cascading down to meet the icy waters of the Norwegian Fjords. Then imagine waking in your bunk in a wooden Navy Warship to behold this jaw dropping scenery. Once kitted up, you’ll be scaling those peaks using thigh power alone, before relishing the satisfying descent that can only be experienced when you’re earned those lines. It’s easy to see the appeal of ski touring, and so we’re really excited to be offering a once in a lifetime adventure this year, ski touring in the Norwegian Fjords. Forget queuing or rushing for first tracks, this trip is about leaving the only tracks.

This is no ordinary ski holiday. What better way to truly experience the stunning Fjords and all the area has to offer then to stay on a boat and ski tour from the water’s edge? Staying aboard HMS Gassten, with it’s crew of three, this ultimate ski touring adventure is supported by local guides who will transport you through the most incredible terrain on earth. Our instructor’s will also be on hand to help you with ski touring technique, tips and advice. And to help you find the best lines and ski them with style. This trip will redefine your idea of the ultimate ski holiday.

  • £2900
  • 25th February 2017 – 4th March 2017
  • Only 8 spaces

Snow unlike anything you’ve skied before

Skin out from the water’s edge

Climb 1500m each day

And make all your friends totally jealous

The Trip of a Lifetime

In the 5 days before our last trip it snowed nearly 2 metres, we assumed this was a bit of a one off occurrence but our guide assured us that February and Early March are often like that.

Nothing can prepare you for the Fjords. 1500m peaks rise straight up from the waters edge and tower over you. The steeper faces often groan under the strain from the weight of the fresh snow. it is not uncommon to see them bow to the pressure sending avalanches out across the water in front of you.

Some days you will skin right from the waters edge. While this was always possible, it was not always practical so we often call on local farmers to help us up the first few hundred meters. More often than not this is in the back of a tractor trailer although occasionally the luxury transport arrives and we all squeeze into a Defender 110.

The salt in the snow makes it unlike anything you will have ever skied before. The salt helps the snow bond and creates a really solid feeling underfoot. It is total hero snow, there is no chance of the tips diving you just float perfectly over the top. The weirdest part is it is still light and fluffy. If you have ever had visions of skiing like they do in ski movies then this is your opportunity.

The Sunnmøre Alps

The Sunnmøre Alps are further south than Lyngen or Lofoten but far quieter. With so much of the terrain at this time of year only being easily accessible by boat it is easy to understand why this is. We did not see a single other skier on the whole trip. Landing in Norway feels more like arriving in a scene from Jurassic park, the landscape is vast, harsh and looks unforgiving. Alesund airport is tiny and very few other planes will be on the tarmac as you head across to the terminal.

Despite its remoteness you can fly to Alesund from all of the UK’s major airports with flights starting at around £90 return. Once through security and reunited with your luggage you will quickly find the rest of the Team, including our skippers Sven and Tash as well as our very talented Chef Emily and of course our guides. It is then a short 30 minute transfer to the boat.


Spend your week living on a boat

H.M.S (His Majesty’s Ship) Gassten was the last ever class of wooden warship built by the Swedish navy and as a result one of the last ever surviving wooden warships. She was in active service from 1973 until her colours were stricken on December 31st 1999. During her career she was involved as part of a NATO force tasked with sweeping for mines in the eastern Baltic, clearing the coasts of Estonia, Latvia and Finland clear of mines from WW2. The Gassten was built by the finest naval craftsmen and marine architects with massive oak beams for protection against exploding mines.

Converted to a high standard, the Gassten sleeps 10 in a combination of double and twin berths, all of which served as the original officers’ quarters. The cabins are cosy but you do have full size beds and space to store your kit, It is far more luxurious than many European ski touring huts, but do remember it is a boat.

Great care has been taken to maintain and cherish the original features and fittings from her days as a serving vessel in the Swedish Navy. Oak beams line the cabin ceilings while the base of the original gun emplacement sits high on the bow and is our favourite place to enjoy a post ski beer!

The Food


For breakfast indulge in some nutty, seedy porridges or home cooked favourites like bacon and eggs. You’ll leave fuelled up and ready for a day of ski touring.


Lunch is simple but effective. With large sandwiches, fruit, energy bars, the lunches will keep your energy levels high without too much weight in your pack.

Après Ski

Après like nowhere you have before. Skiing straight up to the boat, jump on and have a few beers on the bow along with some homemade cakes and flap jacks.


Enjoy a 3 course dinner by Chef Emily which is a great mixture of local and international cuisine. With tons of fresh ingredients (you literally fish off the bow for dinner on occasions) that resembles that of an athletes diet. Loads of carbs, and proteins to fuel you through the day.


The boat has plenty of teas and coffee to keep you caffeinated up all week long.