If you’re an intermediate to advanced skier or boarder looking to really improve your technique, then our ski or snowboard clinics could be just the thing. We offer 5hr clinics split over two 2.5hr sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. Perfect to practice what you’ve learned in between sessions, whilst giving you more time to ski with family and friends. Our clinics have a maximum of 6 people per group, so you’ll receive plenty of individualised tips and one-on-one attention. 

These sessions are focused on performance development, and improving above all else, via the help of our expert coaches. We’ll workshop your technique, and give you clear tips and improvement exercises, so you walk away knowing exactly what to practice on your day off in between and long afterwards.

From our ski and snowboard clinics, you’ll gain:

  • A better understanding of what you’re doing
  • A feeling of improvement, both technically & tactically
  • An understanding of what you should be aiming for and where you can develop further

Ready to push yourself to the next level? We offer three levels of ski clinics levels 4-6, and two levels of snowboard clinics levels 4-5.

Ski Level 4 – Workshop your piste technique and iron out bad habits so that you can ski the pistes with confidence.

Ski Level 5 / Board Level 4– Tackle all types of terrain & conditions that the mountain throws at you: from icy runs to choppy snow and more.

Ski Level 6 / Board Level 5 – Push your limits with the help of our guides. Want to ski or board the grand couloir? We’ll help you get there.