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ski trip packing list

Why is packing perfectly so hard?

No matter what type of holiday you’re headed off to, it always seems so hard to pack perfectly. Maybe you’re someone who always brings way too much, or maybe you’re someone who inevitably forgets an essential item. Don’t let either be the case on your winter hols this year. Our ultimate ski trip packing list covers all bases, so you don’t need to worry.

Ski Trip Packing List

When packing for your ski trip, think of it in four main sections:

  1. Ski and snowboard gear
  2. Ski and snowboard equipment
  3. Clothing
  4. Extras

This outline will help you think of everything in batches, so that you keep like items together. However our ultimate list below covers absolutely everything, so nothing will be left behind.

Ski & Snowboard Gear

Ski Jacket A waterproof ski or snowboard jacket is absolutely key!

Ski Trousers – And the same goes for trousers.

Ski Gloves or Mittens – Totally your preference of gloves or mittens, but if your hands are prone to getting cold, be sure you get some high-quality ones. The last thing you want is cold fingers all day on the mountain.

Hat – A thin one that fits nicely under your helmet is best.

Neck Warmer – There are tons of options from very thin cotton to thick fleece, depending on what time of year it is and how cold you get.


Sunglasses – You might not ski in your sunnies, but they’ll be nice to put on when you stop for a break. The sun is strong up in these here mountains and you definitely want to ensure your eyes are protected.

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If you’re renting your gear, you can skip the skis, boots & poles – but don’t forget one other essential piece of gear: your helmet! It is possible to rent one if you happen to forget, but most people prefer not to.

Skis or Snowboard

Ski/Snowboard Boots

Ski Poles


Avalanche Kit (if you plan on skiing off-piste) – transceiver, probe & shovel

Ski Lock – You won’t regret having your skis locked up when you are having lunch on the mountain. Unfortunately, theft on the mountain does happen, so better safe than sorry.


Sun Cream  – A goggle tan might be desired by some, but a goggle burn is definitely not!

Lip Balm – Essential

Moisturiser – Another essential in the dry mountain air.

Ibuprofen/Paracetamol  – Just to be safe

Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap

Base Layers


Layering is key for your days out on the slopes. So keep that in mind when filling your suitcase. Not entirely sure about the best way to layer? Check out our guide on how to layer for skiing.

Ski Socks – Opt for one pair of thick socks. Wool is a great material for air wicking. We don’t recommend layering socks as you can get wrinkles and creases that will cause irritation when you ski.

Thermals – Form-fitting, long base layers

Mid-layers (fleece or down) – Normally just needed on top

Socks & Pants

PJs & Slippers

Jeans, Shirts & Sweaters – You will need some ‘regular’ clothes for evening dinners & nights in the bar, so don’t forget a few essentials.

Hats & Gloves – Again, for heading out into town for those times you’re not skiing.

Snow Boots – Leave the heels at home, come with snow boots. But if you’re not willing to compromise your style, they have really cute snow boots with heels. So fret not.

Swimsuit – Hot tubs & indoor swimming facilities are aplenty in the Alps, and it doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase – so we definitely recommend.

skiing tips


Flask and/or Water Bottle – Perfect for throwing in your rucksack with some coffee or water for a day on the slopes.

Hand Warmers – If you have extra chilly hands, bring some hand warmers. Or invest in rechargeable heated gloves.

Rucksack – If you’re heading off-piste with avalanche kit, you will definitely need a rucksack. But it’s also handy to throw in some snacks, an extra layer, and a water bottle to have out on the mountain with you.

Tissues – Runny noses out on the lifts are inevitable. Stash a few in your jacket pockets each day.

Mini Chocolates – It’s not just us who has a cheeky little chocolate in their pocket, always? :-)

Hot Water Bottle – For any aches


Plug Adapters – There are never enough plug adapters around, be sure to bring as many as you need.

We also have a handy PDF version that is printer friendly for your reference.

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