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Skiing safely with kids is one of our top priorities here at New Gen. And with school holidays being busy weeks, the slopes can get crowded. If you’re heading to the Alps with your family soon, check out our top tips to stay safe on the hill. As well as a few ways you can beat the crowds.

Skiing Safely with Children

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Children’s Ski School FAQs.

Top Kids Safe Skiing Tips:

  • Always stop on the side of the piste and be sure not to stop underneath a drop or else oncoming skiers won’t see you.
  • Look around when skiing across an intersection as skiers are coming from all directions. And make sure you look up the slope before you set off.
  • Make sure kids are wearing helmets, protective eyewear and sunscreen (even on the overcast days). Remember kids get cold easily – make sure they wear layers so that they can add or remove any as needed. Find out how to best layer for skiing.
  • Take extra care on the chairlift with kids. Ensure they sit close to you and help them on and off. You can also ask the lifties to give you a hand, they’ve done it before and are normally super helpful.

How to Avoid the Crowds:

  • Get out early to beat the long queues. If you’re at the lifts at 9:00, you’ll be sure to miss the ski school rush.
  • Ski between 12-2pm, and enjoy a later lunch, to make the most of the quietest time on the slopes.
  • Ask your chalet host or hotel manager where their favourite slopes are, as well as the busiest spots at different times of the day to be sure to avoid those.

Skiing together as a family is really special, and something you can enjoy together for many years to come. Stay safe out there but most importantly, have fun!

Looking for more ski safety info? How to keep your gear safe on the mountain, piste etiquette and what to do in a ski accident. Also, check out ABTA’s half-term safety recommendations.