The snow is set to come in this weekend and through next week, and we couldn’t be happier! We are jumping for joy here in the Alps as it is well needed. It is no secret that it has been an unseasonably dry December. But considering the lack of snowfall, the resorts have been working extremely hard pisting and making as much snow as possible. Places like The Three Valleys and Espace Killy have done well to keep over half of their pistes open… But now everyone in yearning for a bit of the real stuff!

Snow is on it’s way!


La Tania snow forecast                  Tinges snow forecast

I love seeing snowflakes on my weather app! As you can see Tuesday should be a big day with 70cm predicted for Tignes and similar snowfall levels around all of the western Alps. YES!!!

The cold front has already come in today, skies are cloudy and we are set to get a dusting of snow tonight. Moving into Saturday it will start accumulating and the largest part of the storm is set to hit on Tuesday, predicting heavy fall over all of the western Alps. There should be impressive quantities of snow building up at altitude!

Overall about 1 meter of snow in expected to fall over the weekend and early week. Off-piste skiing may still take a bit more snow but all the pistes should see a hugely improved condition.

snow forecast

Our instructors are ready for a bit more neige as well!

Although we wish we could have had the snow sooner, we are happy to be getting it now. And what could be better than fresh snowfall? Well, the fact that it is falling during January when the resorts are quiet and the pistes are calm. If you’re looking for a last minute getaway we think this might be the perfect time!

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