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So, winter’s over and summer is here… Well mostly, save for the last bits of snow still clinging onto the mountains.

For the majority, summer holiday destinations include beachside locations, however, have you ever thought of coming back to the mountains for a summer holiday? Maybe not if you’re a passionate skier/snowboarder, ‘the mountains are only for the winter months’ I may hear you say. Well, you’d be wrong there!

The Alps during the summertime are probably the most underrated and here’s why you should think about changing up your summer destinations to include a trip to the Alps.

Summer in the Alps

Large variety of activities

Firstly there are so many more activities to enjoy in the summer; from mountain biking and road biking, hiking and trail running, to paddleboarding and swimming, climbing and tennis, just to list a few. This is what I am passionate about, and it’s amazing introducing this environment and experience to people who have never visited in the summer.

A bit of context here: I co-founded the fitness retreat company ‘Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats’ which we launched 4 years ago in Verbier, Switzerland as our flagship location. Our aim is to share this incredible environment we both live in with our clients, through a structured and fun fitness retreat programme.

hiking summer in the alpshiking summer in the alps

Benefit from some outdoor fitness at altitude

The environment where we spend time is so key for our overall well being and there are so many benefits one can take from a holiday in the Alps. It is a fitness enthusiasts playground, with all the sports listed above along with climbing, yoga and Par Cours Vita circuits too, you can enjoy a week of varied fitness and what better backdrop to be active in! So many are tied to the gym when in their daily routines and it’s so important to move in nature.

Benefits of outdoor fitness training and specifically at high altitudes:

  • You’ll benefit from an increase in red blood cells, your body’s way of dealing with the lower amounts of oxygen in the air, so you’ll feel the performance gains when returning to sea level.
  • You have fresh, clean air to breath in, no stuffy gyms or air-conditioned environments, which leads to a healthier respiratory system.
  • If trail running or hiking you won’t find yourself clock watching or making up reasons to quit, instead it requires you to concentrate on each step, focusing in on the uneven path and being mindful.
  • The same goes for mountain biking and road cycling with regards to using the mind as well as your body, picking the best route down a narrow single track trail.
  • The views are incredible! Which definitely helps to distract your mind away from any fatigue or pain you may be feeling (well, for the most part, depending on how hard you’re pushing it!).
  • The outdoor environment, especially in the mountains, allows you to be completely free from distraction, there’s space to move in, incredible views to look out over and gives you a sense of escapism and motivation.

Whether you’re training for general fitness or a competitive race, the opportunities here are endless and cater for all abilities. To take the stress out of planning this all and enjoy a week to the full, you can join on one of our fitness retreats in Verbier, the perfect location for high altitude training. Or we can design bespoke, tailor-made retreats for private groups of friends and teammates.

trail running summer in the alps

It’s the perfect place to recharge

If it’s a more relaxed vibe you’re after then the sense of vastness and space along with the magnitude of the impressive mountains creates a wonderful setting to be mindful, relaxed and contemplative in, whilst allowing the body to recharge. Try yoga on a mountain top, or creative writing on a quiet bench, or even swimming laps with mountains for views. The Alps give you a sense of freedom, space and escapism, perfect if you’re a city dweller wanting some much needed time out from the busy go, go, go lifestyle. Time and space where you can fully recharge, without any big distractions.

Lastly, the mountains are absolutely stunning in the summer. Green fields, wildflowers blooming and distant snow-capped mountain peeking into view. The weather is lovely and sunny and the fresh air leaves your skin and lungs feeling toxin free.

yoga alps summer

If you’re tempted by a holiday in the Alps and want a fun structured fitness retreat to join onto then look no further. Our weeks in Verbier allow you to focus exclusively on your own health, fitness and wellbeing. Structured, varied, and most importantly fun, fitness sessions are aimed at working the body as a whole and introducing you to new and innovative training techniques. We test all aspects of fitness: endurance, strength, agility, power, flexibility and recovery, allowing you to learn new skills in a safe and social environment.

Sessions include:

  • HIIT @2200m
  • High altitude hikes and trail runs
  • Paddleboard core & balance
  • Daily yoga
  • Boxercise
  • Strength & conditioning circuits
  • Guided stretching
  • Par Cour Vits functional circuits through the forest.

All balanced with a healthy, nutritional menu designed and created by our private chef, using the freshest local ingredients and a beautiful, luxury chalet to relax and recharge in.

Find more info including dates and prices on our website. Or contact me at | +44 7810606908