choose the right ski lesson

How to Choose the Right Ski Lesson for You

One of the most important steps in booking your ski lessons is knowing how to choose the right ski lesson for you. You want to ensure that you're getting as much out of your ski lesson as possible and that it's suited to your needs and wants.If…
ski trip packing list

Ski Trip Packing List: Everything you need to bring

Why is packing perfectly so hard? No matter what type of holiday you're headed off to, it always seems so hard to pack perfectly. Maybe you're someone who always brings way too much, or maybe you're someone who inevitably forgets an essential…
Why Your Ski Holiday Never Goes To Plan

Why Your Ski Holiday Never Goes to Plan

The perfect ski holiday. Everyone dreams about the snow capped mountains, mulled wine by the open fire and sunny lunches on the mountain. Yet somehow something always seems to go wrong. You end up with more faff than relax on your ski holiday.…
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The Perfect Day in Val Thorens

It is hard to describe the perfect day in Val Thorens. If the weather and snow conditions are nice nearly every day out skiing or snowboarding could turn into the perfect day. As Val Thorens is one of the highest resorts in Europe it always…
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A Beginner's Guide to Ski Lingo

Pow, blue bird, white out, bubble lift, button lift....what the?If you're new to skiing it can sound like people are speaking another language when they talk about the sport. But don't worry about feeling dazed & confused, we've got…
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Top Tips for First Time Skiers & Boarders

Not everyone has skied before, and if you've never been on a ski holiday before it can be daunting to know where to start. But with the right motivation and determination, anyone can learn the required skills to ski or snowboard. The concept…
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On Slope Must Have Items

'Tis the season to get new gear! Although we recommend taking care of your gear and giving it some new life when possible, we also love checking out what new gear is on the market. From hand warmers to skis, our outdoor clothing and equipment…
new verbier flight option

New Verbier Flight Option: Get There Faster

Sometimes the worst part about the ski holiday is the travel. Unless you're flying your private jet onto the altiport, you're likely in for a long transfer from the airport to your ski resort. But lucky for you Verbier skiers, Swiss airlines…
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How to Choose the Perfect Family Apartment in France

When planning a family ski holiday, it’s very important to choose the right resort, but it’s equally as crucial to pick the right accommodation. It’s necessary to consider location, apartment size and amenities, as well as the leisure…
ski holiday on a budget

Ski Holiday on a Budget: It's Possible

Sun, snow and skis, what more could you want from your holiday? There’s nothing quite like being in the mountains for a holiday, but it can end up being a little pricy. Read on for some tips for a great ski holiday on a budget. Ski Holiday…
family skiing break

How to Survive a Family Skiing Break

Heading to the slopes for a family skiing break?There’s plenty of things you can do in advance in order to ensure you have your best trip yet. We've compiled a list of  handy hints and advice before you’ll appreciate before you brace…
How to plan a Ski Holiday

How To Plan a Ski Holiday: Everything You Need To Know

Have you somehow inherited the role of party leader for your upcoming ski holiday? Don't know the 3 Valleys from the 4 Valleys? Have no idea if you need ski-in, ski-out or if you even want an après drink after skiing?Booking a ski holiday…