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Looking for a BIG day on the mountain? Want a challenge and a day full of adventure? Then the Three Valleys Escapade might be just the thing for you. Starting from La Tania, the Three Valleys Escapade is a route that covers all three valleys + the secret fourth valley Orelle. It’s supposed to be a guide to all the lifts you should hit in one week, in order to make the most of your 3 Valleys lift pass. BUT, after a few too many in the pub one night, some La Tania locals wanted to try and take it on in one day. It has now turned into the ultimate La Tania challenge course to complete in one day. Read on if you dare…

3 Valleys Escapade – La Tania’s Big Adventure


 The Route

The big day starts in La Tania at first lifts. Don’t be late! You then head up Dou des Lanches chair and over into Courchevel 1850 briefly. At the top of the mountain you drop into Meribel Village all the way down to Golf chairlift. From there, scoot through Meribel center quickly head towards Mont du Vallon. Then you go into Les Menuires on the Roc de Tougne chair. Then ski far over and up into Orelle via Masse 1 & 2. After that, you will head into Val Thorens and up to both the Pointe du Bouchet (3420m) and to the Glacier de Chaviére (3130m). Ski back down through Val Thorens and down all the way to St Martin. At the top of St Martin 2 bubble, go to the Chaudanne in Meribel and catch the Saulire lift to bring you to the top of Courchevel 1850. You will then ski down Creux, taking you all the way over to Courchevel 1650. Ski out of there, back through 1850, all the way down to 1550 to Tovets chair and then ski your little bum quickly to Plantrey chairlift before it closes!! This will bring you to the top of La Tania. WHEW! It is quite the day.

For all the lift details, have a look at the PDF list of the lifts you need to hit.

3 valley's escapade

Sneaking in a sandwich on the gondola ride.

three valley's escapade

Quick photo near St Martin.

Our advice

If you plan on completing the challenge you will need to move fast. You must be out early to get first lifts. Plan to go for it on a clear day with nicely groomed pistes. Any wind may cause lift closings and any snowy pistes may slow you down more than you can afford. Wax your skis! Pack a hearty & healthy lunch to eat on one of the gondolas. Bring water to stay hydrated – maybe a flask of coffee to keep you going too. Remember: no stopping! Maybe just for a quick bathroom break…

Up for the challenge?

Is it the toughest day on the mountain ever? You’ll have to try it and find out. Have a look at the full map with the Three Valley’s Escapade map. You can also get a print out version at the Croisette in 1850. And GOOD LUCK! If you do complete the Escapade, be sure to get your picture up in the Hall of Fame.

Please note: If you do decide to take on the challenge, please take care if you on the mountain. Act responsibly and take care for yourself and others, remember your mountain etiquette and stay safe while enjoying all the 3 Valleys has to offer.