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Are you thinking of booking some adult group ski lessons but aren’t sure what to expect? We completely understand you want to know what you’re buying and what you can expect from the experience. We’ve explained in detail below what to expect in adult group ski lessons with New Generation this coming winter.

What To Expect in Adult Group Ski Lessons

  • Lessons run Monday – Friday (option to start on a Sunday if you’d like)
  • Each day 11.30 – 13.30 am
  • All our groups are delivered in English
  • Groups run with just 2 people in
  • Maximum group size is 8 people
  • Our adult group ski lessons are suitable for beginners (Level 1) – Level 4. Find your ski level on our level guide

adult group ski lessons

Before You Arrive

Seven days before the start of your lesson you will receive an email with all the information you need to be the most prepared for your ski lessons. The email will include the meeting point map which you can download and save to your phone, general resort information and a reminder of your lesson details. Then, 24 hours before your lesson starts you will receive an email with the name of your instructor, so you know who to ask for when you arrive at the meeting point.

On the first day

  • You’ll meet your instructor at the meeting point and they will get to know you and how much experience you have if any.
  • The instructor will check all your equipment is in good condition and ensure everyone has a lift pass and is adequately prepared.
  • Then, the instructor will outline a plan for the lesson and you’ll get started by learning the basics of manoeuvring on skis, in a flat area.

What will you learn first?

  • Firstly you will learn how the equipment works and you’ll have a go at clipping in and out of your skis.
  • After that, you will get used the feeling of sliding. You will have a go at a few simple exercises like sliding on one ski and pushing with your other boot or even side-stepping.
  • Next up is having a go at sliding in a straight line with two skis on. This will give you a good understanding of how the ski works and what it feels like. adult group ski lessons

Sliding & Snowploughs

A snowplough is when you point your toes in to make a triangle shape with your skis. It’s how you can control your speed around the mountain. The instructor will show you how to rotate your legs into the position and you will have a go at making the snowplough whulst sliding on a gentle open beginners area.


Depending on the progression of the group, you may be ready to start turning after just 2 lessons. You will learn how to change direction by steering your feet and controlling your line down the slope. Your instructor will ask you to follow them or set out an area in which they would like you to turn. Now is the time you’ll begin to explore some green and easy blue slopes all over the mountain. As you begin to travel faster and enjoy different size turns you can explore a lot more. You’re now a Level 2 – wahoo!

End Of The Week

Practice makes perfect when it comes to perfecting your plough. You will spend time following your instructor and getting used to being on the slope amongst other skiers and snowboarders. You will use different ski lifts to get about, like a drag lift, a chairlift, a T-bar or a gondola (can also be known as a bubble). Your instructor will explain how to use them safely so you can move about the mountain confidently. It’s a good excuse to rest those legs and enjoy a good natter about how much you’ve improved throughout the week.

adult group ski lessons

Learning Mountain Skills

There are a handful of skills that will make being on skis that bit easier. These extra tools will help you move around the ski area more effectively, for example – moving in lift queues or manoeuvring to stand next to a friend on the side of the slope.  You will learn how to traverse, side slip and generally move about the on skis.

Traversing helps you travel across the slope in a balanced way and can be useful for crossing over to see someone on the opposite side of the piste. Side slipping is another useful tool you’ll learn so you can lose or gain height on the slope without traversing across the slope. This might come in useful if you have dropped something and need to grab it easily, or if you’ve stopped a bit higher than the rest of the group and you want to stand next to the instructor. You will also get an idea of how to feel the grip on the edge of the ski whilst remaining balanced.  Your instructor will also show and explain how to stand back up if you happen to take a tumble.

If you’d prefer to watch our Vlog on what it’s like to ski for the first time, or want more tips on how to learn to ski, then head over to our Youtube channel.
Learn To Ski YouTube Playlist
We list all of our lesson availability on our booking site, so you get to see what’s available in real-time. You can also create an account and save your bookings for later if you want a bit of time to think it over. Head on over to our live lesson availability page to take a look for yourself.