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Are your kids ready for children’s ski school? If you aren’t sure what you’re signing them up for, we completely understand! If you’re not sure what to expect from children’s ski lessons then we explain in detail what you can expect with New Generation Ski School.


  • Children can start group ski school at age 4. Private lessons can start from 3 years old.
  • We have specific lessons for teenagers too. Teenagers are welcome to join adult groups from 13 years and upwards if they would prefer.
  • We have both group and private ski lessons available for children. Today we’re going to focus on group ski lessons for children.
  • Children’s group ski lessons run for 5 days, Monday – Friday (with an option to join us for 6 days – from Sunday – Friday if you’d prefer)
  • Lessons typically start at 09:00 /09:15 am for 4.5 hours (this varies year to year)
  • We have small groups with 2-8 children for our Wallabies – Pro Ride Team. And for our youngest skiers, we have between 2 – 6 children per Whippersnappers group.
  • We do not run specific group snowboard lessons for children, but children aged 13 years and above are welcome to join our adult snowboarding lessons.
  • Our kids’ group ski classes are suitable for every level of skier, from beginners to advanced skiers.  Find your kid’s ski level on our level guide.

Childrens ski school: For the little ones (4-5-year-olds)

For our young skiers, we have our Whippersnappers beginner group, suitable for 4 to 5-year-olds who want to learn to ski. These ski lessons are just 2hrs a day, as we know their little legs tire easily at such a young age. It also allows our instructors to better manage the children’s enjoyment.

Our ski groups are small, with only 2 – 6 children per group. Our instructors also have a helper when there are more than 3 children so each child gets plenty of individual attention and help to carry their gear.

Our top priority for this age group is to ensure we manage their energy levels and that they are having a good time. We will ensure that your children have a positive first experience on snow and get them used to the weather, clothing and equipment. As anyone with young children will know, the second they are too tired, un-comfy or cold, it’s game over.

Watch our Youtube video on what to expect from Whippersnappers group ski lessons

By the end of the week, your child may have started linking turns and have the ability to control their speed and stop. They will also have gained experience with a variety of ski lifts and will be much more confident putting their own skis on. Our main aim is to ensure they are excited to ski again each day.

Unsure if they are a little young? Here are our thoughts on when children should start skiing.

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