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Skiing with family
Are you thinking of booking your children into kids group ski lessons but aren’t sure what to expect? We completely understand you want to know what you’re buying and what you can expect from the experience. We’ve explained in detail below what to expect in kids group ski lessons with New Generation this coming winter.

What To Expect in Kids Group Ski Lessons

  • Lessons run Monday – Friday (option to start on a Sunday if you’d like)
  • Lessons typically start at 09:00 /09:15 am for 4.5 hours (this varies year to year)
  • Children aged 4 – 17 years old
  • Groups size 2-8 children
  • Our kids’ group ski lessons are suitable for beginners to advanced skiers.  Find your kid’s ski level on our level guide.

For the little ones

Our youngest group, Whippersnappers runs for just 2hrs a day during peak weeks, as they tire easily at such a young age. Groups are limited to 6 children, with a helper when there are more than 3. This ensures they get plenty of individual attention. Unsure if they are a little young? Here are our thoughts on when children should start skiing.

kids group ski lessons

How to dress your child for skiing

Before You Arrive

Seven days before the start of your lesson you will receive an email with all the information you need to be the most prepared for your kids’ group ski lessons. The email will include the meeting point map which you can download and save to your phone. We also share a Google map, that is really easy to use and navigate once you’re in resort. As well as general resort information and a reminder of your lesson details. Then, 24 hours before your lesson starts you will receive an email with the name of your instructor, so you know who to ask for when you arrive at the meeting point.

On the first day

  • Arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes early. We have a thorough signing in and out procedure for all our kids’ group lessons.
  • You’ll meet your instructor at the meeting point and they will get to know your child by finding out how much experience they have – if any.
  • Every child will wear a bib.
  • The instructor will check your child has the right lift pass and then scan it on their phone so they have a record of it.
  • Pack a snack in their pocket, or give them 6€ / 6CHF for a hot chocolate.
  • The instructor will check all the kid’s equipment is in good condition.
  • If your child has any medical needs that were not noted at the time of booking, now is the time to tell the instructor.

kids group ski lessons

 Top tips to stay safe on the mountain with your family

What will you learn first?

  • Firstly the kids will learn how the equipment works and they will have a go at clipping in and out of their skis.
  • After that, they will get used the feeling of sliding by playing games in a flat area close to the meeting point.
  • Next up is having a go at sliding in a straight line with two skis on.

Sliding & Snowploughs

A snowplough or ‘a pizza’ is when you point your toes in to make a triangle shape with your skis. It’s how they will control their speed around the mountain. The instructor will show them how to rotate their legs into the position and they will give it a go. Sometimes it takes kids a little longer to pick this up as it’s a strange position. Before coming out they could have a go jumping into the shape with their toes pointing inwards so they get the idea before even putting skis on.

kids group ski lessons

Not sure where to go? Here are our favourites …


Depending on the progression of the kids’ group, they may be ready to start turning after just 2 lessons. The kids will play lots of games, turning around poles and winding through courses. Typically, the instructor will ask the kids to follow them in a snake which helps them to control their speed and stay as a group.  Their confidence will grow and grow and they will be zooming about before you know it.
Once everyone has mastered stopping and turning, the group will explore green and easy blue slopes all over the mountain. It’s good to note that children may well be feeling tired throughout the middle of the week as they are using new muscles moving about on their skis. As they begin to travel faster and have fun with different size turns they will be able to cruise about with very little assistance.

End Of The Week

After a whole week of lessons, your children will be experienced in using the lifts across the mountain. They will use different lifts to travel around the resort. Depending on the layout of the resort and their level, these could be drag lifts, a chairlift, a T-bar or gondola. The instructor will teach your children how to use them safely with an adult. The instructors know all the fun little tracks through the trees, the fun parks and the best runs for kids.

So by the end of the week, your kids will be desperate to show you around the mountain and share all the fun pistes they have explored! Each child will be given a certificate and a badge at the end of the week to represent their level. They will also be given a passport to document their developments so they know which level to join again next year.

kids group ski lessons
We list all of our lesson availability on our booking site, so you get to see what’s available in real-time. You can also create an account and save your bookings for later. If you want more time to think it over or check your child’s level before booking kids’ group ski lessons.  Head on over to our live lesson availability page to take a look for yourself.