White Wednesday

So, what is White Wednesday?

For every booking on Wednesday 24th November, we will donate 5% of revenue to Snow-Camp Charity.

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday, Cyber Monday blah blah blah. But that’s not really our style. White Wednesday is about impacting peoples lives, whilst doing something you enjoy. It’s not about encouraging people to buy things they don’t need.

White Wednesday aligns with our mission on so many levels and by sharing 5% of our revenue on Wednesday 24th Nov, we can provide an opportunity for those who wouldn’t normally have access to snowsports.

What does Snow-Camp Charity do?

Snow-Camp Charity give young people from inner-city communities across the UK positive futures through snowsports. Their mission is to engage young people through skiing and snowboarding to provide life-skills training and mental health support while enabling them to gain qualifications and employment in the snowsports industry and beyond.

Can I book now and still donate to Snow-Camp?

If you are ready to book now and worried about our limited availability, you can reserve your lessons on our system for one week. Then on Wednesday 24th, you can pay, meaning you will contribute towards the 5% of revenue heading off to Snow-Camp Charity.

Where can I find out more about Snow-Camp Charity?

Head on over to snow-camp.org.uk to learn about the awesome work they do within our communities.

If you’d like to learn more about our ongoing giving initiatives, take a look at our Impact page.