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So yesterday we posed the question of what makes ski seasons so addictive? The obvious place to start was with the skiing or boarding itself – a big draw for most surely!? But what else keeps bringing us back year on year?

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So in my nights laying awake in my now peaceful room (with the absence of late night revellers returning home to their chalets) this next reason sprung to mind:

2. The things you didn’t achieve.

Each year you have an aim. You might not vocalise it but most of us want to achieve something each year. Whether it’s to learn to backflip, float through powder like a pro or drink your body weight in toffee vodka, most of us have a goal that spurs us on. Not achieving that goal is tantamount to failure. And no one likes to fail. So the answer? Get back on the horse! And ride back into town next year for a second shot!


If you’ve just finished your season what was your aim and did you achieve it? Do you think this would motivate you do another season or is there something else that’s leaving you wanting more? We’ll collate all the suggestions at the end of the week. And who knows? This might even help bring your parents round to the idea of another season!

Written by Sara Fernie-Jones

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