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Ski over Christmas and New Year

Ski resorts don’t close on Christmas or New Years’ day, and it’s a magical time to be in the mountains. Imagine yourself sitting by the fire, sipping mulled wine with the mountains covered in snow just outside your chalet. Time to treat yourself to a special holiday this year!

10 Reasons to Ski over Christmas and New Year

Fireworks in Courchevel, France

1. Holiday festivities

Whether it’s a Christmas Eve torchlight descent in La Tania or a stunning New Years’ Eve fireworks display in Morzine, there are always a number of holiday activities going on in the resort. You’ll be sure to find something that will make your holiday unique.

2. Avoid THOSE relatives

No need to worry about those distant relatives showing up and overstaying their welcome. A ski holiday is a lovely excuse to say, “see you next year.”

3. No washing up

Have your chalet staff prepare the perfect turkey and take care of all the trimmings for you. The best part: dishes are also on them, so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Christmas dinner

4. Guilt-free holiday feasting

While everyone else is worried about the weight they gained over the holidays, you’ll be feeling fit and guilt-free knowing you worked them off on the mountain each day.

5. Tons of deals!

Be it chalet rentals or full packages, there a tons of deals going on right now for the holiday weeks

6. Wake up to a White Christmas

Forget the chance of rain, you’ll have a chance of snow. Picture yourself waking up Christmas morning, pulling open the curtains and seeing fluffy, white goodness covering the mountain tops. Sigh…

7. Wide-open slopes

Even though the holidays are busy weeks, Christmas Day and New Years Day are generally quite empty on the slopes. Get some time to yourself and your family on those freshly groomed pistes.

8. Catch fresh snow

Resorts will have just opened and there’s bound to be untracked lines somewhere on the mountain.

Fresh snow La Tania, France

9. Have the best #xmasselfie

You, on the snowy mountaintop, putting your selfie-stick to use. Just think how much better your #xmasselfie will be than all of your friends. BOOM.

10. It’s special

People are smiling and everyone is grateful to be there. It’s a magical time to be on the mountain and will be a memory you keep for a long time to come.

Is it too early to start watching Christmas films? We’re excited about the holidays already! If you’re keen to make some memories in the mountains this winter and improve your skiing as well, get in touch with usAnd check out our tips on planning the perfect ski trip.