New Generation is a community that brings people together, in skiing and beyond.

We match you with friendly and experienced instructors, to help you get the most out of your holiday.


We are a community of snowsports enthusiasts. We believe that when we work and learn together we share ideas, have more fun and make a bigger impact.


Organising a ski holiday can get complicated. We get that. Which is why we offer an easy and reliable way to book group lessons or adventures. Or link you with the perfect instructor. With no hidden fees or nasty surprises.


We deliver awesome ski lessons. Every time. Stress-free, high-quality tuition to meet your needs and make your holiday one to remember.

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New Gen Giving: Yearly Round-up

As you may know, we’ve been working with B1G1 for the past few years linking us to hundreds of grassroots charities across the world, ensuring that as we grow and develop as a ski school, we also help to create a positive change to the world…
how to keep ski fit

How to Keep Ski Fit All Year Round

Tired legs after a day on the hill are inevitable, and a badge of honor of how hard you skied! However, the last thing you want is to be SO sore and tired that it affects your skiing and your energy and enjoyment of your ski holiday. Whether…
5 Reasons You Should Get Outside More

5 Reasons You Should Get Outside More

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to spend most of our ‘office time’ outdoors. There’s something about being outside - and in the mountains especially - that often it feels intangible as to why we love it. But in fact, there’s science…