Kids Ski Lessons & Courses

Our unique training pathway helps young skiers develop a real passion for the sport. From our beginners ski classes all the way up to our ProRide team, we provide the opportunity for skiers of all ages and abilities to progress at their own pace. Our team of experienced coaches ensure that every skier has the support they need to reach their full potential.

Whether they are just starting out or you’re looking to take their skiing to the next level, New Generation is the perfect Ski School. So come and join us on the slopes, and experience the difference for yourself!


Whippersnappers – Pro Rider

Age Range


Lesson Length

2 – 4.5 hours


Kids Ski Lessons



Children’s Ski Lesson Prices

  • Whippersnappers
    (ages 4-5)
  • 2 hr lessons
  • 2 – 6 per group
  • 5 day (Mon – Fri)
    6 day (Sun – Fri)
  • From 300
  • All other levels
    (ages 6+)
  • 4 or 4.5 hr lessons (2 hr on Sunday)
  • 2 – 8 per group
  • 5 day (Mon – Fri)
    6 day (Sun – Fri)
  • From 425

What will you child learn in our Ski Lessons?

Programme Overview

Ski School should inspire young skiers; support them as they learn new skills, overcome obstacles, build confidence and learn to lead along the way. Skiing can help prepare them for challenges and frustrations, and as a team, celebrate the triumphs and the laughter.

Our children’s programme combines a mix of technical and exploratory challenges to keep everyone engaged. All our sessions are tailored to ability levels. With a focus on helping Children understand the mountain and slopes to build confidence and help them make great decisions for themselves, rather than just follow an instructor. Our group lessons are always taught by ski instructors who speak fluent English.

It may seem like a minor detail but our ski lessons are also designed to help you make the most of your incredible holiday. The longer running time means you can get out and explore in the mornings when the snow is best. You’re not stuck in a weird limbo between having just dropped your children off, and then needing to pick them up again.


The perfect group lessons for young children to learn to ski. Our whippersnapper’s group lessons are shorter than our other groups, running for 2 hours daily. Allowing our instructors to better manage the children’s energy levels, ensuring they have fun.

At this stage of learning, it is all about enjoyment. We will ensure that your children have a positive first experience on snow and get them used to the weather, clothing and equipment. As anyone with young children will know, the second they are too tired or uncomfy, it is game over.

By the end of the week, your child may have started linking turns and have the ability to control their speed and stop. They will also have some experience with Ski Lifts. Our main aim is to ensure they are excited to come skiing again.


*A longer version of our beginners’ whippersnapper group, to help older children learn to ski. It could be their first time, or they may have had an intro session and still be learning to snowplough turn.

Enjoyment and your children’s safety are still our top priorities, but the older ages allow us to focus a little more on development too.

We also try to introduce a feeling of self-responsibility, so they feel they have more autonomy from the word go. It may seem small, but teaching children to properly carry their own skis, reset the bindings and get up on their own after a crash makes them feel much more adult. Your back will also thank us for it.


In our Arrows group lessons, we children will escape the nursery slopes and start to explore more of the ski resort. Your child will need a lift pass from day one.

We will focus on starting to ski parallel in the 2nd half of the turn. Then begin exploring rollers, bumps and Jumps.

As the week goes on, the group will start to tackle blue runs with more confidence. Learn a few basic tricks, like box slides and how to ski backwards, as well as linking jumps and features together.

Our team will also start to cover essential safety information, such as where it is safe to stop on the mountain and what to check before setting off.


Perfect for those at an intermediate level, in Bombers, we gradually start to introduce skills that let us increase the speed.

From day one, the group will start exploring the snow parks, challenging their balance and coordination and learning tricks like a 180 flat spin on a green run. Building the foundational movement patterns for essential skills like side slipping, hockey stops, absorbing bumps and skating on skis.

As the foundations start to come together, kids will automatically begin to ski more dynamically, developing the skills to deal with steeper, more challenging terrain.

Our instructors also build on the knowledge children need to ski safely when not in ski lessons. Explaining what piste markers mean and how they can stop you from getting lost, covering the rules of Snowparks, how and when to overtake other skiers and who has the right of way.
Essential skills for when you ski as a family or with friends.


Our rockets group builds on the parallel skiing skills developed in bombers. It’s entirely normal for children to spend a couple of seasons in the Rockets group before joining our FreeRide Team.

We will practise adjusting turn shape and size, making long parallel turns and linking short turns. Then introducing pole plants and edge rolls to work towards higher performance skiing.

In the snowparks, we will move on to bigger jumps, learn how to land safely and well balanced, and practise tricks like a 5050 box slide and 360 flat spins on green runs.

At the end of their time in rockets, students will be confident on black runs, making basic carved turns and have started exploring the variable snow.
Around this point, lots of parents also start joining us for lessons so they can keep up.

As your child’s confidence and independence increase, it is essential that their mountain awareness does too. Our instructors will teach them how to safely lead a group down the mountain, think about safe places to stop and start, and ensure they are aware of other skiers. We also cover accident procedures, including how to contact the Piste Patrol, what to tell them and how to share your location.


Our Freeride members are focused on improving piste performance and gradually expanding their skills into all-mountain skiing. Most children will spend at least two seasons in our FreeRide programme. It is a great place to make new friends.

On Piste, the team will be working on how to confidently ski black runs, maintaining control at all times, and looking to build edge grip earlier and earlier in the turn. On gentler terrain, we will focus on higher-performance carved turns and start to explore how we can use turn shape to control speed.

In the park, we will work on consistently clearing the flats on jumps and starting to link switch (backwards) parallel turns.
The team will also work on techniques for skiing in variable terrain off the sides of the Piste. We will teach them how to judge which drops, jumps, and lines are safe to ski. As well as practising small natural drops, learning to spot the landing and ski out.

Navigation skills also play a crucial part in their development, and our instructors will work to ensure each student knows how to navigate around the resort with a piste map. Something we encourage you to ask them to do when skiing as a family too.

ProRide Team (13-17YRS)

The final rung on the ladder of our Ski School progression. Delivered by a dedicated team of coaches. Successfully completing your Gold Star and earning a New Generation Team Trucker will take almost all students at least two seasons. These students are then comfortably at the level to start their Ski Instructor Exams.

On Piste, the team will work on skiing blacks in all conditions, with a range of turn shapes to control speed. Building towards skiing a fall-line descent of a mogul field, with a pole plant at a controlled rate.

To prepare them to ski off-piste, we will also work on techniques to ski Ice, Powder, Variable snow, Sun Crust and Narrow Gullies/Couloirs.
We cover the use of Transceivers, Shovels and Probes in rescue simulations, with students needing to find and rescue one hypothetical victim in 6 minutes.

With the basics mastered, we will head off-piste, working on technique, looking at bigger drops and learning how to safely lead groups.

Please Note – Our ProRide Team ski off-piste when conditions allow. We will provide full avalanche safety kit for these days and cover the use of this equipment as standard in all ProRide sessions.

Children’s ski lessons FAQ’s

Private lessons for both skiing and snowboarding starting at age 3.

At age 4 your child can join a group ski lesson.

We have snowboarding groups available from age 10.

Yes. All of our instructors speak good English, and all of our group lessons are delivered in English. If you have any other language requirements we can offer private lessons.

Wallabies – Pro Rider can have 2 – 8 pupils in each group.

Whippersnappers can have 2 – 6 pupils per group.

All children taking group lessons with New Gen must be suitably dressed.

  • Helmets are compulsory for all children.
  • Layers are advised so they can add or remove them if need be as children can get cold quickly.
  • The glare from the snow can be strong, even on cloudy days so make sure they are wearing sunglasses or goggles at all times and are wearing high SPF suncream on any exposed skin.
  • We also suggest you give them a snack and some money for a hot chocolate for lessons longer than 2hrs, as they will usually stop for a break.
  • Check they have their lift pass in a left hand pocket before you leave.

This is a tricky one as no two groups are the same and they progress at different rates. Poles normally come free with ski rental so we would advise that you take them even if they don’t use them. Whippersnappers will not need poles, but for all other groups your child’s instructor will be able to tell you if and when they might use them. It  is usual that beginners may not use poles in their initial lessons.

For children’s ski lessons longer than 2hrs long, we will usually stop for a break halfway through. We suggest you give your child some money to get a hot chocolate and pop a snack in their pocket in case they get hungry.

Our instructors are very used to teaching children’s ski lessons and realise that they can get tired or cold easily. They will take that into account when planning their lessons and in all lessons longer than 2 hours we incorporate a break for just this reason. If however the child or instructor feels that they are unable to continue with the lesson we will contact you and ask you to collect them. This is why we require a mobile contact for all parents whose children are taking lessons with us. So please make sure you carry your phone during the day.

We do our best during the booking process to ensure this doesn’t happen but if the instructor feels that your child is in the wrong group we will do our best to move them into a more suitable group for their size and ability. Every group is different and it is part of our instructor’s jobs to match the groups the best they can on ability. Do not worry if your child ends up in a different group to the one they started.

All children receive a ski passport and a medal at the end of the week. Your child will be awarded a level based on the instructor’s assessment during the week.

Not necessarily. Kids naturally learn and progress at different speeds. How ‘physically literate’ kids are also can vary greatly. Adding to this that growth spurts and development may further complicate the process, it is not always the case that kids will move through their badges in a linear fashion.  It is quite normal therefore for children to stay in the same group for more than one year, especially with Bombers and Rockets. Our primary aim is to impart a love and enthusiasm for skiing in a safe way.  Our instructors are experts and professionals and realise that patience, and correct practice are key to progress.

The cornerstones of our lessons are ‘Safety, Fun and Improvement’  and so we always look to achieve all three.  It is a given that the safety of the kids is of the utmost importance and we look to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that children learn in a safe way appropriate to their abilities. It is important to us that we foster a love for the sport and so we also feel it is important that the week is enjoyable for the child. Challenging activities, activities that demand concentration and coordination and tasks that are fun like learning to jump are peppered throughout the week in order to develop enthusiasm and confidence and enjoyment in each individual.  Each group also has specific aims that correspond to particular medals.

Our kid’s programme in more detail.

If they are the same ability and meet the group level requirements then of course they can go in the same group. If they are different ages and levels however then we would advise against it. They would both need to go in the group of the lower level child which would hamper the progression and enjoyment of the more proficient child. Our groups are all friendly and we’re used to managing this kind of situation. Our instructor is there to help your child settle in and ensure they feel comfortable within the group. So after the first morning this concern normally vanishes and by the end of the week they’ll have made lots of new friends.

  • Your child’s safety is our primary concern and we have strict procedures in place to ensure they stay safe and enjoy their time on the snow with us.
    • All children are given a bib to wear to make them easily identifiable. Each bib has a number that is recorded next to their name.
    • We also employ a stringent signing in and out procedure. When your child is dropped off on the first day we ask for details of anyone who might be collecting them during the week, so we can ensure they only leave once collected by a nominated adult.

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