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There’s a fine balance between booking too many and being exhausted all week or not learning the basic skills and struggling all week. We haven’t found that perfect number after years of experience – it varies from one person (or family) to another depending on their needs!

How Many Ski Lessons Do Beginners Need?

There is no set amount of lessons you need for your ski holiday. If you want to actually ski, and ski well, it could take a couple of years. If you just want to survive a green run and keep up with your more experienced friends, it could take a couple of hours.

It depends on what you want to achieve

Whether you’re an adult or a child, a week of half-day ski lessons will make you feel comfortable and in control on the hill, but they won’t make you an expert skier.

But it’s important to note that everyone is different, and some people progress faster than others, so there are no set amount of lessons to be able to learn to ski. If you don’t like the sound group lessons, and time is precious, then private lessons spread out across a few days will see the same progress.

2 skiers learning how to ski

5 Smart reasons to book beginner ski lessons

Everyone needs ski lessons

It’s important to set expectations on what you want to achieve. When it comes to skiing, the better you get, the more detailed tuition you will receive.

You will be able to digest more technical terminology to refine your skills and perfect your movements, so even advanced skiers still need lessons to iron out bad habits.

The learning curve becomes steeper and steeper as you progress, so no matter your level, everyone needs ski lessons. Ski lessons are definitely not just for beginners.

Solo skiing in the Alps

Do you really need ski school lessons?

  • Group ski lessons are sociable and fun which will help you relax on the slopes.
  • Everyone is on the same level and you’ll be learning at the same time so no fear of feeling out of depth in ski school.
  • It’s safer to learn from a professional instructor than a friend (and you won’t fall out with them!)
  • You’ll learn better technique which will eventually mean you’re less like to hurt yourself in the long run.
  • The skills you’ll learn will make it easier for you to move around the mountain and adapt to changing conditions.
  • Even if you’re an advanced or intermediate skier, there is always more to learn and more mountains to take on!

Don’t just take our word for it, read our customer reviews on Feefo.

Ski lessons for beginners

Adult group ski lessons are our most popular form of ski lessons. They are great if it’s your first ski trip, or you want to develop from a beginner into a confident intermediate. Whether you’re new to skiing as a child or an adult, signing up for ski school and sharing an experience with someone in group lessons – makes it that much more enjoyable. We do highly recommend spreading the ski lessons out to allow yourself time to practice and more importantly rest after ski school!

This is why we love group ski & snowboard lessons. All great ski schools should accommodate anyone’s learning needs no matter what stage you find yourself on your journey towards becoming a better skier or snowboarder.

New to skiing: Everything you need to know

What to expect from Adult Group Ski lessons

The instructor will begin by introducing you to the ski equipment e.g ski boots, skis and other top tips. It’s vital that you are warm and prepared for a day on the mountain, so the instructor will always ensure you have the right clothing on – correct ski trousers, ski jacket, neck warmer,  lift pass and equipment hire etc.

They will start to show you how to navigate the nursery slopes, introduce ski terms and help you use the different types of lifts on your ski or snowboard – for example how to use a drag lift.

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You get a little bit of coaching each morning (half-day lessons), and then you are free for the rest of the day to ski with family and friends or to get in some practice in the beginner areas. This time allows you to practice at your own pace, use the magic carpet on your own and to explore the beginner area.

For first-timers, sharing a new sport with other first-time skiers can transform their first experience of skiing. Check out our level videos so you know what to expect from your first Level 1 lesson with us:

What to expect from Adult Group Ski Lessons

Ski School for Intermediate Adults

For those that have some experience on the slopes, but want to boost their confidence and iron out any bad habits. Group lessons are a great solution! At the start of the week you will start on the easy slopes and progress onto the harder sections as you develop your technique. Learning to ski can be a slow process for many, so be patient and try and relax. Everything will fall into place and we hope you enjoy your time skiing.

During the week our ski instructors will help you develop your understanding of ski technique with expert tuition, exploring not just the how but also the why, building your confidence and ironing out any bad habits. We aim to help you make the most out of your lift pass, by challenging yourself and exploring new places.

And you get to ski with other people of your level, which makes it such a fun activity. Don’t forget, you are on holiday after all!

Young active woman skiing in the mountains.

Advice for nervous skiers

Ski Lessons For Children

We have a full pathway of children’s group ski lessons, from our beginners 4-year-old group Whippersnappers, through to competent all-mountain teenage skiers (yes, we know, they get better than you very quickly!).

Our children’s ski lessons run throughout the winter, but are particularly busy in peak weeks in most resorts, so get in touch if you can’t see anything available when booking online.

Did you know that with our ski school, you can fully book lessons online? We know how stressful a family ski holiday can be, so the easier we can make things for you, the better ski holiday you will have.

kids beginner ski lessons

What to expect from children’s group ski lessons?

The emphasis in our children’s group lessons is always on learning through play and a fun environment, with our key focus on:

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Improvement

For over 20 years our ski school has helped thousands of children grow into competent skiers who love skiing. We know that small groups are important, so every child is well looked after and can benefit from individual feedback and tuition.

Here at New Gen, we think that there are some cornerstone principles around which we base our children’s lessons. And we know how important that first experience on snow is.

Different Level Groups

We have set levels to challenge kids, yet make them feel supported with peers of the same ability. Ski school is so much more fun than regular school and we often see complete beginner children cruising green and blue runs by the end of the week.

Not sure what level group they would fit into? Take a look at our kids level guide, and watch the videos so you can know what to expect.

Kids ski level guide

If you really want to see some big changes, book your kids into group ski lessons now – they will thank you later on!

Ski School for Teens

Are your teens already out-skiing you? We know there can be a huge gap between children and teens, in skiing as well as attitude and size! So here at New Generation, we are excited to offer Pro Rider teen group ski lessons.

These small group sessions are perfect for teens who have outgrown kids groups and want to have fun and blast about with others their own age.

beginner Ski Lessons for adults

What to expect from teen group ski lessons:

During this week-long course, each day of the week the group will focus on a different aspect of skiing:

  • find your ski legs
  • ski racing
  • off-piste
  • avalanche safety
  • freestyle

They’ll probably teach us a few tricks along the way! It’s always a great week of skiing, and gives your teens more independence and let’s them explore the whole mountain with like-minded individuals their own age.

Are your kids at Pro-Rider level? take a look at our level guide video:

Private Ski lessons

If you’d rather have some one-on-one coaching, then private ski lessons is the best option for you. Private ski lessons can be tailored to your ski ability and you can set the focus for the class.

For example:

  • Getting to know the ski area
  • Focusing on a particular drill i.e carving
  • A fast-track beginner private lessons
  • Learning how to use the ski lifts.
  • You decide!

Every ski and snowboard school will offer private lessons, but availability can sometimes be limited.

How many Ski lessons beginner

Book Private Lessons

If you are more interested in private ski lessons, take a look at our private ski lessons page. If it’s snowboarding lessons you’re after, check out our private snowboard lessons page.

At New Generation Ski School, we’ve run ski and snowboard lessons in over 20 ski resorts across the Alps, for over 20 years and we’d love to be a part of your next ski trip.

Still not sure how many ski lessons you need for your next ski holiday?

Contact our team for further information, we’re happy to help you find the perfect ski lesson! And if you’re ready to book, take a look at our online availability to avoid disappointment.

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