Rob Britton

Rob Britton

Rob Britton

Ski Instructor, Three Valleys

My Story

Growing up in the Northwest of England, the first time I saw the floaty, fluffy crystals that we call snow was when I was 5 years old. It was only later that year when I was taken on my first skiing holiday that I discovered you can slide down it on two planks – fast. Wicked! Years on, my mind full of MSP and Warren Miller fantasies, I decided I had to make it a reality, though my 2-foot airs needed some work! What better way to improve and ski as much as possible than becoming an instructor?

Away from skiing, I spend my time keeping fit, playing guitar and ruining perfectly good walks by playing golf!


Skiing bumpy areas makes things unpredictable and difficult, which I particularly enjoy! I also love to teach any area of skiing and relish the challenge of teaching people who want to push themselves to improve!

Languages Spoken


Top Tip

Aspire to achieve within your capabilities, push boundaries if you feel confident. But whatever you do – enjoy!

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