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Some say learning to snowboard isn’t as easy as learning to ski. Snowboarding is a little more alien than skiing, due to the fact your feet are strapped together. You’ll spend time on your bum, meaning you’re bound to feel a little frustrated. But can you put a price on having someone there to give you tips and tricks, and to help correct those frustrations? If you’re tossing up whether to book snowboard lessons, we’re here to explain why you should book snowboard lessons. They are 100% worth it.

Snowboarding Lessons: Are They Worth It?

Yes, you’ll learn the correct technique

You may have seen the professional snowboarders like Shaun White or our own British snowboarders Aimee Fuller and Jenny Jones ripping it up on their snowboard. So how do you go from snowboarding on holiday once a year to shredding on a snowboard? Book snowboard lessons.

When you book snowboard lessons, you are learning from a professional. Our instructors have trained for many years and passed difficult exams to be in their profession. Our instructors break it down into bite-size chunks, ensuring you’re learning the correct technique, in the correct order. So you can control your speed and know how to use the equipment before you head up on a lift and panic!

In the long run, you will have nailed the right technique and will be able to move onto more challenging tricks and terrain. You will hinder yourself if you have not first learnt the basics. Don’t be one of those people that clips both feet out of their snowboard and has to chase it down the hill!

Yes, you’ll stay safe on the mountain

Did you know there is a high way code for the mountains? There are general rules like don’t stop in the middle, always look up the slope before moving off from the side etc. These rules are there to keep everyone safe on the mountain. They only take a second to do to make you more conscious of your decisions on the mountain. Your instructor will make these seem like second nature to you, and you’ll learn them right from the start. Here’s a great article we found with snowboarding tips and tricks to get you started.

It’s cool to take a lesson

We know you’ve got to look the part and have the right lingo to accompany your snowboarding skills. But contrary to opinion, taking a lesson will make you cooler on the slopes as you’ll be riding much better than someone who didn’t take one. You’ll learn little hacks, tips and tricks to make your snowboarding seamless in the slopes.

Yes, it’s cheaper in the long run

Taking snowboard lessons may initially be more expensive than learning on your own. But in the long run, it will be worth it and you’ll have the correct technique, know how to stay safe and feel in control on the mountain.

You can achieve so much in lessons, whether you’re a beginner starting from scratch or wanting to learn to do a backflip. We have instructors who can safely teach you everything you want to learn. The possibilities are endless, and you really can design the lesson to your needs.

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Say yes to fewer injuries

If you book snowboard lessons with us, you will have fewer injuries. As we mentioned above, in lessons you will learn to correct technique and how to stay safe on the mountain. Having the knowledge of those two things under your belt, you’re much less likely to hurt yourself.

Yes, boost your confidence

From day one, our instructor’s will help instil confidence in you. They are there to help you enjoy yourself and learn something new. If you do find it hard or aren’t picking up snowboarding as quickly as you’d originally thought, our team are here to give you the positive encouragement you might not know you needed.

Yes, it’s sociable

Our group snowboard lessons are the best way to learn in a fun and friendly environment. The groups are segmented by ability,  so you should never feel out of your depth. That way you can all laugh and have a good time, learning to snowboard at the same pace.

You may think that learning from one of your family or friends may sound more appealing. But take it from us. It doesn’t always work out. We often see couples in places where a beginner shouldn’t be. Give yourself, or your friend / family the confidence boost they need by booking a snowboard lesson.

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You’ll be inspired by our team

We have plenty of snowboard instructors in our teams dotted across the European Alps. Let us introduce you to a few of them …

If you’re interested in learning some simple tricks for this coming winter, Pascal from our Tignes team has just written an article for Fall Line Magazine. Subscribe to stay up to date on all snow sports news.

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Lessons we suggest

If you’re new to snowboarding, we suggest joining our group snowboard lessons. Group lessons run for just 2hrs a day, so you’ve plenty of time to board with friends or practice. And the midday sessions will give you a great base to ensure you build confidence and get the most out of your week. We recommend taking a week of group lessons to get you moving around the mountain confidently.

If your snowboarding is more advanced, and you don’t fancy a group lesson, why not choose private snowboard lessons. With whatever focus you choose. Perhaps you’re looking for a refresher? Need to build confidence after an accident or injury? Learn to master that carving turn you’ve been hankering over, or let us guide you on an off-piste adventure. The opportunities are endless.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced skier or boarder keen to get off the beaten track, why not join us for an off-piste adventure, and really explore your resort? Or if you haven’t ventured off-piste yet and want to give it a go, we’ve got something for you. Check out our off-piste snowboard lessons.

If you’re on the fence about whether to book snowboard lessons or not, take a look at our level guide to see which level you’d be. That way you can decide if a group or a private lesson is appropriate for your snowboarding needs.