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Sometimes it’s just a small piece of advice that really makes all the difference. It can help shift your mind and see things in a new light. And skiing is no different. One ski tip or piece of advice can go a long way to help improve your skiing. Well, how about 22 tips? We’ve collated some of our favourite snippets of advice from our ski instructors.

Top Ski Tips from Ski Instructors

Be as prepared as possible

1. “The skiing environment can be harsh, don’t let the sun, cold or altitude stop you from enjoying all a ski resort can offer. Remember to bring sun cream, warm clothes, and water to make the most of your lesson.” – Cammy Gunn, Val d’Isère

2. “Eat your broccoli, skiing can be tough on your body so top it up with the good stuff!” – Huw Thomas, Morzine

3. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – Anja Martincevic, Morzine

4. “Try and squeeze in some time at the gym or at home to exercise and strengthen your leg muscles before your ski holiday – it will make all the difference!” – Mike Kirk, Val d’Isère

top skiing tips

Get the right ski gear

5. “It’s all about your ski boots. First, only wear one pair of socks. Secondly, the clip that should be the tightest is the one around your ankle. It should be comfortable in other areas though because if it’s too tight across the top of your foot, it will cramp and you might end up with numb feet. – Zoe Campbell, Méribel

6. “Look after your equipment; a waxed ski with a smooth and sharp edge makes learning much easier. Plus, you’ll be able to glide straight past everyone on the flats with a smug grin on your face. When driving down an icy mountain road, it is reassuring to know your car is fitted with snow tyres and fully functional brakes. The same concept can be applied to skiing. The sport is about learning to trust your equipment and its capabilities, as well as your own.” – Marco Furio, Val d’Isère

Enjoy the journey

7. “Look ahead, not at your skis. Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one starts off being excellent!” – Sam Gerrett, St Martin de Belleville

8. “Always try to enjoy the level you are at.” – Martin Rowe, Peisey Vallandry

9. “Your technique is more important than the colour of the piste.” – Tiziana Perni Burnham, Les Arcs 2000

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Challenge yourself with new things

10. “Challenge yourself every day. It can be a big challenge or a small challenge, try skiing on one leg, try skiing backwards or whilst juggling. Get out of your comfort zone.” – Mark Drake, St Anton

11. “The best way to improve is to play and have fun! Change your routine, try something new and go everywhere in all different conditions.” – Nico Lecomte, Val d’Isère

Practice what you learned in your ski lessons

12. “In the morning or afternoon, use your free time to practice. Don’t be tempted to go back to how you used to ski or try to tackle a harder slope. Take what you have learnt and be patient, but most of all PRACTICE.” – Sam Taylor, La Tania

Learning to ski - ski school for beginners

No matter your level, always keep improving

13. “Nobody is too good for a lesson. The greatest athletes in any sport have lessons every day and call it coaching.” – Rich Murray, Val d’Isère

14. “I would urge you to keep trying to improve. There are so many improvements that you can attain with only a little effort and concentration. Don’t settle for where you are in your skiing. Keep trying to improve – you will be amazed where you can get to.” – Dave Morris, Courchevel 1650

15. “Just learn from your mistakes, if you can’t do something just try it. Never stop on the same known things but try always something new, try to get better every day. There is always a higher level to be reached!” – Lodo Guichardaz, Val Thorens

top ski tips

Beat your nerves

16. “Don’t be afraid to go for it! Nothing great ever came from doing things at 50%!” – Alex Gandy, Morzine

17. “Being nervous is a good thing! I think we all forget to appreciate that nerves help us focus, keep our mind sharp and remind us that we are testing ourselves. Don’t avoid it, embrace it!” – Anna Combe, St Anton

18. “Learn how to fall and get up! Once you know that falling isn’t that bad you’ll be a lot more willing to push yourself to try newer and harder skills.” – Rob Wilhelmsson, Verbier

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But most importantly, just relax and enjoy it!

19. “Just relax, keep smiling and remember skiing is not all about finding the best technique but about enjoying it as much as possible.” – Marco Tomasello, Courchevel 1650

20. “Laugh at yourself no matter what! Just remember, the bigger your fall the more epic you looked!” – Livi Swaine, St Anton

21. “If you are relaxed and happy learning will be fun and fast, a good instructor will help you be in this happy place.” – Iain Sinclair, Méribel

22. “Remember to relax, you’re on holiday. You’ll get much more out of the experience if you are at ease. Enjoy the views!” – Hugh Jolly, Verbier

At the end of the day (or week), it’s all about enjoying yourself on the slopes. Constantly improving and learning new skills makes it more enjoyable, but hopefully, with these ski tips, and some high-quality instruction from our team, you can make the most of your ski holiday no matter what your level of skiing.

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