Serre Chevalier Children’s Ski Lessons

Taking children skiing is great fun. Yes, the first day can be a challenge, (getting through the morning faff), but when you see your child make his or her first turns on skis with a big grin on their face, it’s worth every lost glove!

“Yet again, Gavin at Serre Chevalier more than delivered. He has brilliant and creative ways to help you re think your skiing. Our children feel safe and inspired skiing with him”. Matt, April 2019

Children’s ski lessons must be great fun so they are keen to return each morning for more! Then you can take to the slopes, safe in the knowledge they are in great hands.

All of our kids’ ski groups are small with just two to eight skiers and an average of just four skiers!

Our lessons are taught in English, by an experienced instructor.

At the end of the week, each child will receive a certificate and badge. We use the Snowlife awards system for our children’s ski groups, as recommended by B.A.S.I. (British Association of Snowsports Instructors).


We want to ensure your child is safe during his or her time with us. All our groups have fully qualified, experienced instructors, accompanied by a helper for Whippersnappers, for example. Every lesson requires that they wear helmets and ski school bibs. We check they have everything they need; sun cream, protective eyewear, money for a snack stop. We operate a secure sign-out system so every child is handed over to their parent or pre-determined guardian. We teach them to ski in a safe manner and on terrain that will stretch but not exceed their ability.


We love skiing and being in the mountains and we thrive in sharing our enthusiasm with children. Children learn in a different way to how adults learn; we put a high emphasis on games, challenge, and adventure so that they’re having enormous fun… while learning. This might involve activities such as a mountain-wide treasure hunt, trip to the jump park or a mini Olympics. The week always finishes on a high with certificates, badges and big smiles!


Children’s ski lessons are an investment that we take very seriously. Behind the fun, we know that you want your child to progress and develop into a competent skier. Each course has aims and goals that prepare them for the next stage, and we keep a record of their success and progression each year. Our carefully thought-out pathway helps your child progress into a competent and confident skier. Get ready to enjoy family ski days with confident inspiring children leading the way!

Our children’s ski lessons

Our children’s ski lessons are split into groups from six year olds right up to teens aged 13. Whether this is their first time on skis or their 10th week, we’ll ensure they improve and have tons of fun in a sociable and supportive setting.

Our youngest group, Whippersnappers, runs for just two hours a day as little ones tire easily at such a young age. These groups are limited to six children, with a helper when there are three or more. This ensures they get plenty of individual attention.

Wallaby! Arrow? Bomber, Rocket, …!

We are careful to ensure children are placed perfectly in groups based on their level, age and experience. Upon booking, we aim to get as much information as possible from you about your child’s ability.

  • Wallabies (beginners 6-12yrs)
  • Arrows (6-7yrs or 7-12yrs)
  • Bombers (6-12yrs)
  • Rockets (8-13yrs)
  • Freeride (10-13yrs)

For more info on the group levels see our children’s level guide.

Pro Rider Sessions for Teens

Teens already out-skiing you? They don’t fancy being stuck with adults all week? Book them onto a Pro Rider group!

Pro Rider sessions give your teen the opportunity to experience new aspects of skiing in a fun environment. Day one is a warm-up day, getting back into the groove of skiing. Then we’ll spend three days working on skiing fast – safely, off-piste skiing and avalanche safety (rucksack, shovel, probe, and transceiver provided free of charge subject to availability). On the final day, the group chooses what to focus on, taking into account the snow conditions, weather and the aims and desires of each skier!

Pro Rider Sessions for teens are for Level 6 skiers, aged 13-17yrs.

Children’s and Teen Groups

  • All levels
    5 Day
  • 6-13 years
  • Mon-Fri, or Sun-Thu
  • 09:15 – 11:15 or 11:30 – 13:30
  • 2-8 per group (average 4)
  • 225
  • All levels
    6 Day
  • 6-13 years
  • Sun-Fri, Mon-Sat
  • 09:15 – 11:15 or 11:30 – 13:30
  • 2-8 per group (average 4)
  • 275

Kids Xplore (6-13 years)

An optional upgrade to extend your child’s lessons by an extra two hours on one or more days where possible. These extensions give the children longer to explore Serre Chevalier with their instructor and give parents more time for skiing (or to make the most of a long, leisurely lunch!)

This is open to all children’s groups at Christmas, New Year and Easter, except Whippersnappers and Arrows. Availability depends on our schedules and we require a minimum of three children to join the session.

  • KidsXplore

    1 or more extension sessions

  • 6 – 13 years (Not Whippersnappers/Arrows)
  • Various days and times
  • 13.30 (Continues from morning lessons)
  • 3 – 8 per group
  • +40 per extension

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    Find your child’s ski level

    Check Your Child’s Ski Level

    It’s not always easy to recognise what level you are at. So here at New Gen we’ve made some handy videos to help.

    Determining the right level early on is really important – we can then ensure you’re in the right group, so you get the most out of your holiday and your time with us. Take a look at our selection of ski videos to help you decide what level you are.

    Find your child’s ski level

    Our Serre Chevalier Ski School meeting points

    Villeneuve Meeting Point

    Monetier Meeting Point

    Monetier Meeting Point

    Children’s ski lesson FAQ’s

    All children in our groups must wear a helmet and protective eyewear (either goggles or sunglasses) for each lesson.  We’ll then give them a bib to wear so they’re easily recognisable. We recommend children wear layers to keep them warm but can be removed as they get hot. Make sure you apply high factor suncream even when its cloudy as the sun reflects off the snow and children can get easily burnt.

    As well as a helmet and protective eyewear, we recommend that for all lessons longer that 2hrs you give your child some money for a hot chocolate and perhaps a snack as we will take a break mid way.

    Whippersnappers & Wallabies – under 6 year olds FREE. 6 years olds upwards can get a beginner pass on the first day at least. Your child’s instructor will be able to tell you when a full area pass is required.

    Arrows, BombersRockets & Freeride – will require a full area ski pass

    All children other than Whippersnappers are likely to use poles during the week, if not on the first day. Poles are usually included with ski hire so we recommend that you bring poles which can be left by the side if they don’t use them to begin with.

    Whippersnappers will not require poles.

    Our instructors are very used to teaching children and realise that they can get tired or cold easily. They will take that into account when planning their lessons and in all lessons longer than 2 hours we incorporate a break for just this reason. If however the child or instructor feels that they are unable to continue with the lesson we will contact you and ask you to collect them. This is why we require a mobile contact for all parents whose children are taking lessons with us. So please make sure you carry your phone during the day.

    Our average group size is just four skiers! For our Whippersnappers (our youngest skiers), we have a maximum group size of six, with a helper if there are three or more children. All other children’s groups have a maximum of eight children.

    All of our group lessons for both children and adults are taught in English, with either British or fluent in English instructors.

    Our lessons are only 2 hours long in  Serre Chevalier so we don’t normally stop for a break unless it is particularly cold and snowy so we can maximise out time on the snow!

    We do our best during the booking process to ensure this doesn’t happen but if the instructor feels that your child is in the wrong group we will endeavour to move him or her into a more suitable group.

    Our children’s lessons run in Serre Chevalier during peak weeks and on request, so please do contact us for availability if you’re traveling outside of school holiday times.

    All our children’s groups have a focus on fun and learning through a play environment. Children learn differently to adults and we use that knowledge and our experience to plan our children’s courses carefully to ensure each child is safe, has fun and improves – without feeling like they’re stuck in a classroom!

    All of our lessons are in English and our groups are small (average four skiers) and friendly.

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    Client feedback

    “Gavin & Mel @ Serre Chevalier have provided outstanding ski tuition for our children over the years, culminating in our 13yr old son achieving level 9 and our 10 yr old, level 6 this Easter. Fantastic.”

    April 2018https://

    “Outstanding tuition for our kids. Great progress made, but just as importantly they had fun doing it. We’ll be back next year.”

    February 2018