The Cossack Squat Train2Ski

Stability with Train2Ski

When it comes to sports specific training for skiing, we apply…
An olympic lifting bar loaded with 80KG

Power with Train2Ski

Think of Power like Strength done fast. It's a very basic…
New Gen mentors

Meet Your Mentors - Verbier

As Verbier is something of a heartland for New Generations instructor…
Ski Fitness Triangle of aims

Foundation Movement Mechanics with Train2Ski

If you want to ski stronger, ski for longer and reduce the risk of injury learn these two movements.
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Introducing Train2Ski - Our Fitness Training Partner

Have you ever done a ski training program? Been to a class or read an article in a ski mag on training for skiing? Everyone wants the “Bells and Whistles” and people need to sell magazines - but this isn’t the most effective way to train.
Planks Clothing

Introducing Your Training Jacket

When you are out on the hill, in all sorts of weather, day in…
Lucy at a Meribel Season Event Seasonnaire

Ski Season FAQs - What You Need to Know!

A ski season is a beautiful thing:, and you want to make it count. So here's a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear before people head out on their first season.
At all levels of ski instructor training more emphasis is being placed on being physically ready

Getting All "Coach Carter" on Our Ski Instructor Training

Written by Tom Waddington, New Generation Verbier resort manager…
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What to pack for your Gap Course

To help you we have gathered together some advice on what to bring and what not to bring in this guide to what to pack for your gap course.
Being a ski instructor - Sam Taylor Carving

Our Level 3 ISIA Instructor Courses: An Overview

The BASI Level 3 is a big jump up from the Level 2 - find out what is involved and how we can help you achieve it in our course overview.