Ski Hire Online

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Hiring ski equipment online is a great option for your first time on the slopes. Especially for kids, and those who don’t want to invest in ski equipment themselves. It also saves time once in the ski resorts, as your ski equipment will be waiting for you ready with your names on it. All you have to do is pick it up and try it on. Et voila, your whole family is ready to hit the slopes!

And it can be good value for money with our Hervis, Ski Service & Skiset discount codes. When you factor in the price of extra baggage for skis on flights, along with the high price of ski equipment, it can add up quickly.

We often get asked who we recommend for online ski hire, and we’re happy to say we’ve partnered up with three different ski rental shops. We work with Skiset in France, Ski Service in Switzerland and Hervis in Austria. These companies offer great quality and a large selection of skis, provide an easy way to book online and best yet – you get an exclusive New Generation hire discount code when you book through our website.

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