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For many, the idea of escaping the crowds and disappearing off-piste skiing a slope before anyone else – is a dream come true. See the resort from a different perspective and ski in areas that even many locals don’t know about. If you’re a confident piste skier looking to explore further off-piste and learn how to enjoy backcountry skiing, then our off-piste ski courses will be perfect for you.

Join us on an off-piste course this winter to develop your off-piste skiing and learning how to ski the whole mountain with style and ease.


Off Piste Levels 1 – 4

Age Range

16 +

Lesson Length

3 – 6 hours


Off-Piste Ski Lessons


Group or Private


Off-Piste Skiing is an incredible experience. Escaping the crowds, seeing the resort from a different perspective and hopefully finding some incredible powder snow will create memories that last a lifetime. However, it is not without its risks and having the correct safety equipment and knowing how to use it is essential. Never ski off-piste alone.

Our Off-Piste Group Lessons are perfect if you are travelling to the Alps alone or as part of a mixed level party and don’t have anyone to ski off-piste with. You can spend a half or full day with a team of a similar level before joining back up with your group. We can provide all the safety equipment you need, and depending on your experience, will spend some time showing you how to use it. We run group lessons right up to our Off-Piste level 3 standard and ski some serious terrain or even introduce you to ski touring and the techniques required. These are definitely not just lessons for those new to off-piste skiing.

Private Off-Piste Lessons are a great option if you are travelling in a larger group of similar abilities or having something very specific you want to work on. We will tailor the off-piste course around you and your friends, helping you tick a few items off the bucket list, so you can enjoy backcountry skiing safely.

Our off-piste skiing courses are run by a team of specialists within the Ski School. Each of them has had additional Avalanche Safety Training and have to demonstrate their knowledge of the ski area and terrain.

Off-Piste Skiing Levels

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Off-Piste Level 1

I’m happy skiing or boarding on all pistes. I can link turns and stop safely on steep slopes. I’m physically fit and have a go-getter attitude.

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Off-Piste Level 2

I’m happy and confident skiing or snowboarding off-piste in moderate terrain.

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Off-Piste Level 3

I’m happy skiing or snowboarding off-piste in all conditions including steep terrain and narrow couloirs. I thoroughly understand off-piste safety procedures and have practised with avalanche safety equipment.

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Off-Piste Level 4

You’re confident skiing or snowboarding off-piste in all conditions and terrain, including steep and narrow couloirs. In almost all situations, you ski fluidly and actively seek challenging terrain and snow conditions. 

Best Ski Resorts for Off-Piste

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Top Tips For Off-Piste Skiing

  • Off-Piste skiing can be more physically demanding than skiing on-piste. Both while skiing and accessing the terrain. Avoid heavy jackets and instead, use a layering system to allow for good temperature and moisture management.

    • A transceiver, shovel and probe are completely essential off-piste safety equipment. We will provide these to those that need them in our lessons but never ski off-piste without them.
    • If you are skiing off-piste without an instructor ensure you;
      • Have Avalanche Safety Equipment and know how to use it
      • Have checked the latest avalanche and snow reports
      • Are skiing with a group who also have and know how to use their avalanche safety equipment
      • Never follow tracks, unless you know the run yourself
      • Remember the mountains are not going anywhere. They will wait – don’t worry about missing out.

Mountain Safety Skills Off-Piste

First and foremost we want to ensure that you are safe during your time with us. All our groups are run by experienced off-piste ski instructors. All clients are required to wear a transceiver and carry a shovel and probe. We will check that these are working at the start of every lesson and take you through essential mountain safety to ensure everyone is comfortable skiing with this new equipment.

It is impossible to guarantee certain terrain, peaks or runs ahead of time as these sessions are solely reliant on the snow conditions. Our instructors assess the conditions daily and work within the safety limitations they dictate. If you wish to join us on an off-piste course, we will ski on terrain that will stretch but not exceed your ability.

Whole Mountain Fun

We love backcountry skiing and being in the mountains. The opportunity to inspire and support others as they work towards their own goals makes our jobs of ski instruction incredibly rewarding. Everyone’s interpretation of fun is slightly different but for us in this context it is all about finding the best deep snow, skiing it with a like-minded team and escaping the crowds.

We will look to push you towards the edge of your comfort zone and challenge your preconceptions of what is possible. However, our group lessons are not Type 2 Fun slogfests, we can arrange these but would need to deliver them in a private off-piste course, not a group off-piste ski course.

Safety Skills & Improvement

Behind the fun, we know that you want to build on your current ability and work towards your next goal, off-piste. Our group lessons blend adventure and coaching while on the move. Our team will give you helpful hints and tips along the way but are not going to stop and do drills with you. It is rarely practical or safe. You will improve just through being in the lessons and building comfort and confidence skiing in new terrain.

However, if you have some really clear technical goals these off-piste skiing sessions may not be the courses for you. Taking your off-piste skiing to the next level often starts on piste, in the park and in race gates. We have specific technical programmes to help you make the most of free-ride skiing.

Choose your Off-Piste Course

  • Group Off-Piste Skiing Courses
  • 3 – 6 Hours
  • 3 – 6 per group
  • Bookable by the day
  • From 100
  • Private Off-Piste Skiing Courses
  • 2 – 7 Hours
  • 1 – 6 per Lesson
  • Bookable by the day
  • From 290

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